The EyeWrap by Varché Protects Sunglasses in a Revolutionary Way

The EyeWrap by Varché is a soft, light, flexible, eye and sunglasses case that offers protection without the size and bulk of a traditional case.

Chicago, IL, March 19, 2012 --( These days when sunglasses and eyeglasses cost a small fortune, can you really afford not to protect such an investment? With the replacement fee of lenses and the time involved, it’s much simpler just to safeguard them from the beginning. Why do so many lenses get scratched or frames damaged? For one very good reason, their protective case is not protecting. The cases given with the glasses or sold today are not used because they are not easy to carry and they do not prevent scratching on the inside of the lenses.

Varché has designed a protective case that is small, light and proportionately sized to the glasses. Traditional eyeglass and sunglass cases are bulky, awkwardly shaped, and heavy. They are cumbersome to carry and take up far too much room in a bag or coat pocket. The EyeWrap can easily be tucked in handbags, suit coats, brief cases, glove compartments, jacket pockets, gym and sports bags. It affords a convenience no other case provides.

This protective covering wraps securely around the lenses and fastens with a closure. The EyeWrap not only protects the outside of the lenses from being damaged by its own arms, but also protects the outside of the lenses and frame.

The EyeWrap was also creatively designed to provide an added benefit, unlike other eyewear cases. The soft fabric may be used to gently wipe away lint from the lenses when a microfiber cloth is not readily available. Most Varché materials are washable, making it even more practical.

The EyeWrap is offered in a variety of chic materials and sizes. Closure styles range from buttons and frog closures to magnets and Velcro. Each is handmade, each is distinctive. A unique gift that everyone can use.

The unveiling of the summer Varché EyeWrap collection can be seen at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, on March 23rd, 2012 from 10am-5pm. For more information on the Varché EyeWrap and to view the latest styles, visit
Leona Brejcha