Friends of Captive Animals to Celebrate Milestone Anniversary with Local and National Animal Issue Speakers

Celebrating 5 years of changing lives of captive animals with speakers on animal issues.

London, Canada, March 21, 2012 --( Friends of Captive Animals (FOCA), a grassroots non-profit based out of London, Ontario, Canada focused on helping captive animals in Canada and beyond, is celebrating its 5th anniversary at a speaker's event on Saturday, March 31, 2012, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., at the Kiwanis Seniors Community Centre in London.

This milestone in the organization's history comes five years after a local roadside zoo, Lickety Split Ranch and Zoo, was closed down. Since then, the organization has much to celebrate, including working with Zoocheck Canada and Storybook Gardens of London to help advocate the re-homing of their wild animals to more appropriate facilities, such as the four Harbour seals who are moving to a new home at the Saint Louis Zoo in Missouri.

Event: “Changing the Future for Animals: Becoming a More Compassionate Canada”
The event includes short presentations on various animal issues by speakers from the London area and elsewhere in Canada, including Liz White from Animal Alliance of Canada, sharing her perspectives on the “Politics of Animals” with a case study on the OSPCA (Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Act and puppy mills. Rob Laidlaw, Director of Zoocheck Canada, will speak on dynamic alternatives to live animal displays that can educate and entertain, without inflicting captivity on wild animals.

Local speaker Jeremy Larivee of Ocean Voice London, will be presenting “Thanks, but no TANKS,” speaking on the harmful effects of captivity on dolphins and whales. As well, local cat rescuer and dedicated animal advocate, Dianne Fortney of Animal Outreach Cat Rescue, will share how the community can become a safer place for lost and abandoned companion animals.

The event also includes a light vegan reception to include attendees in celebrating FOCA's five years as an organization, and to give attendees the chance to network with one another.

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About Friends of Captive Animals (FOCA)
Friends of Captive Animals (FOCA) is an animal advocacy non-profit operating from London, Ontario. We are a voice for the wild animals who endure the conditions of captivity for the purpose of entertainment, including zoos, circuses, and exotic pets. Working locally, we spread awareness and education of issues at the local level, as well as nationally and globally through modern technologies and public involvement. We work collaboratively with other non-profit organizations, government, students, and the public to help fight for a world that cares for its animals as a caring, compassionate, and responsible global society. For more information, visit or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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