Shannon & Wilson Awarded ACEC Engineering Excellence Grand Award for Seabrook Sector Gate Project

Saint Louis, MO, March 22, 2012 --( Shannon & Wilson received an ACEC Grand Award in Engineering Excellence for their work for Alberici Constructors on a recently completed design of an interim cofferdam structure as well as a preliminary dewatering system and temporary retaining walls for excavation support for the construction of the Seabrook Sector Gate Project in New Orleans. The $161-million Seabrook Gate Complex was part of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' hurricane and storm-surge risk-reduction system to protect New Orleans in the event of future hurricanes.

Alberici elected to dewater the site and construct a circular-cell cofferdam structure to allow the permanent Seabrook Floodgate Complex to be constructed in the dry. The solution developed by Shannon & Wilson facilitated a more efficient work flow while simultaneously reducing overall costs and the construction footprint. More importantly, the cofferdam design allowed the Seabrook project to meet the 100-year protection level by the start of hurricane season (June 1, 2011) as promised by the Corps of Engineers.

Shannon & Wilson is an employee-owned consulting firm recognized by the industry and their clients to be among geotechnical and environmental consulting leaders in the St, Louis community and nationwide. In-house capabilities include environmental science, engineering, geohydrology; geotechnical engineering and instrumentation; geology and geophysics; rock mechanics and underground engineering; and earthquake engineering. Shannon & Wilson was founded in 1954 and has company headquarters in Seattle, Washington.
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Jen McGraw