CFLA Announces "Learn How to Perform Mortgage Securitization Audit" (3 Day Class) - April 20-22, 2012 - Las Vegas, NV

Certified Forensic Loan Auditors, LLC. has created a comprehensive training certification program entitled: Mortgage Securitization Auditor "MSA"- a 24-hour in-person intensive seminar held across the country.

Los Angeles, CA, March 22, 2012 --( Certified Forensic Loan Auditors, LLC has pioneered years of research & development to produce an intensive certification program entitled: Mortgage Securitization Auditor "MSA." CFLA recognizes the supreme importance of the pursuit of truth, devotion to excellence, and the nurture of the democratic principles. CFLA brings accountability, trust, intelligence and integrity to all parties involved in the mortgage loan audit process. These parties include, but are not limited to: processors, underwriters, closers, borrowers, sellers, loan auditors, attorneys, real estate agents, brokers and appraisers. The Mortgage Securitization Auditor accepts the responsibility to adhere to the highest ethical standards. CFLA's training provides the peace of mind that your credentials are accurately highlighted and recognized.

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CFLA's Mortgage Securitization Auditor Training class is designed for all professionals in the mortgage, real estate, legal, and finance professions involved in loan modifications, lender litigation, lender litigation, bankruptcy, short sales, or real estate law.

The class will cover the securitization and the securitization conveyance chain, introduction to CFLA Securitization Reports, terminology, and borrower documents, SEC Search Techniques, SPV search, document review, MERS search, GSE search, Assignments, Separation of Note/Deed, Substitution of Trustees, Notice of Defaults, Trustee Sales, “The Note Is A Contract.” When original Notes are produced, Auditors as Testifying Experts/Review of court transcripts, HAMP Overview, and much more.

Testimonials from Previous Classes
"I came in not having much knowledge on the mortgage loan industry and the eay things were taught and explained allowed me to grasp the concept very easily."
Keysha Rose

"If you open your mind and listen, they will lead you to the promised land. Very educational and will enhance my business forever."
Corey Davinport

"This class will change the direction of your life as a professional. It offers a gateway into the world of securitization and inherently valuable navigation tools to uncover the lack of integrity being performed in secondary investor trusts. This class is for anyone, but highly benefits professionals of foreclosure proceedings. I will be at the Bloomberg Level III class to enhance what I have learned here to make the audits I perform rock solid. Thank you CFLA! Thank you Art, Liz, Billy and Tim for all your time and assistance!"
Michal Y. Valdez

"If you are serious about this business, this is the place to go."
Han Seals

"I felt confident that I could audit and report on loans well enough to give borrowers the knowledge and tools to have tractions in their litigation and/or loan modifications."
Melanie Sandlin

"The class was extremely informational. The instructors were exceptional. I will use this information in all my reports, which in turn will help my clients."
Rhonda Arellano

"SEC and Edgar search engines are old school. I found a lost mortgage in 2 minutes on Bloomberg after searching the SEC site for months."
James Kelley
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