Beezid Launches What Could be the Fastest Penny Auctions to Date

Beezid continues to innovate by providing its members with new tools and features, designed to give its members exactly what they want, with its new Regular and Turbo Auctions.

New York, NY, March 23, 2012 --( Leading penny auction website is redesigning its automatic bidding tool, the AutoBeezid, as part of its commitment to provide members with the features they ask for. Although most penny auction sites offer only one automatic bidding tool, Beezid has changed that by splitting the functionality into two unique features, found in either Regular or Turbo Auctions.

While each one boasts different benefits, Beezid’s members can enjoy a different auction experience with each one. Thanks to several innovations exclusive to Beezid, Turbo Auctions provide a brand new way to enjoy shopping that’s faster and more thrilling than anything in the industry today.

One major change is an increase in volume of the site’s exclusive Sniper feature, a member favorite for strategy, which helps ensure the win for many by placing that last bid for you. The result will be the same: huge discounts on all auctions, only faster.

“The functionality of Turbo Auctions was first introduced during our latest signature promotion based on feedback from our members,” said Beezid CEO Max Bohbot. “And when our users ask, we listen.”

In addition to Turbo Auctions, Beezid’s Regular auctions will see some new features of their own. Although the Sniper count will remain at 20, the way the AutoBeezid places bids will be different - placing them in the last few seconds of the auction, as opposed to the previous format of immediately outbidding its opponent.

“We know that every member is unique and they enjoy each auction according to the features they like best. That’s why we’ve created something for everyone. Whether you like it fast or you like it slow, we’ve got you covered,” Bohbot continued.

Turbo and Regular Auctions will feature all the same products that have made Beezid the Web’s leading source for huge savings on the top products on the market.

Beezid has always made its members’ voices heard, whether by email, by phone, or through Twitter. Their Facebook page is always humming with activity, and one glance reveals that the site takes the time to answer every post a user makes and encourages lively discussion at all times.

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Olland Pallatz