Keys to Successful Health Industry Alliances with China

Cypin Production Conference Offers Insights in R&D…and Beyond

New York, NY, March 23, 2012 --( Major pharmaceuticals, generics, biotech, and medical devices are among the industries from which speakers and attendees will once again gather as Cypin Production hosts the U.S.-China Pharma conference. The two-day May 2012 event is dedicated to providing information on creating active liaisons in these areas between China and other nations, especially U.S. and Europe.

The May 9th schedule focuses on Outsourcing Drug Discovery in China, while the May 10th program specializes in Partnership and Licensing (P&L). The venue is Hub Cira Centre in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Major Growth Projected

“China is emerging as the most attractive place, after the U.S., for conducting R&D, due to factors that include large patient population, government incentives, and an emerging base of scientists,” says Charles Hsu, PhD. Hsu is chair of this year’s U.S.-China Pharma conference and a leading liaison between China and multinational U.S. life science companies.

“Most of the multinational healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, like J&J, Roche and Novartis, have had a commercial presence in China for decades,” says Hsu, “but typically it mostly was a small operation focused on marketing and distribution.”

Now, Hsu says, “The multinationals are recognizing that while China represents perhaps 5% of their total global market, it has accounted for 80-90% of their total recent growth.” He adds, “IMS has projected that pharmaceuticals in China could expect to grow up to 26% annually over the next 10 years, while medical devices—like pacemakers—could grow at 30% or more.”

That’s a big reason, Hsu says, that companies are setting up extensive research centers, employing hundreds of Chinese, and seeking other ways to more solidly liaison with this emerging power.

Expanding Beyond R&D Insights

With wide-scale R&D restructuring to bring products to market faster and cheaper within the pharmaceutical industry, China has become the next “place to be,” and the trend is reinforced by the emergence of academic/industry partnerships, co-operatives, and open-source research among China and a wide group of nations.

But why just limit your partnership to R&D? Venture funding, IP opportunities, and other options will be discussed at this year’s conference—and not just relating to pharmaceuticals.

“We had a lot of C-level executives last year and expect to see more this year. It’s important they come again. But I also recommend this highly to mid-level managers. They are the ones who have to implement changes on the ground in China,” says Hsu.

Cypin’s U.S.-China Pharma conference is the ideal place to meet face-to-face with hundreds of leaders and visionaries who are shaping collaborations between the United States and China, and walk away with partners for your next project.

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