Physician Assistant Now Offers Detailed Information on How to Become a PA

Physician Assistant Now is pleased to announce its new information center is now open to the public. Access to the information center is free and contains valuable and useful information concerning physician assistant salary, requirements, and general information on what a PA does on a routine day.

Tacoma, WA, March 24, 2012 --( It is no secret that in tough economic times, many individuals are looking for secure employment that can lead to a life-long career. For many of these individuals, working in the medical field would be of interest. And within that field is the career of physician assistant. Unlike many other jobs within the medical field, being a physician assistant offers unique opportunities as well as unique challenges to those who pursue it. But where can one find accurate and timely information on subjects such as physician assistant salary or education requirements?

The website Physician Assistant Now offers this type of valuable information and it is free. Those who are interested in pursuing a worthwhile career in this medical field can find a wealth of detailed information, and, again, this information is presented free of charge. By knowing what to expect in advance, those who want to work as PA's can begin to plan their actions, including educational requirements that are needed in order to work in this field.

In addition to topics related on how to become a physician assistant, the site also offers invaluable information on what a PA does on a day-to-day basis. Many people believe that a PA is more or less a nurse; that assessment is not correct. Nurses and PA's are two different skills altogether and each has its own duties and responsibilities. In many regards, the PA will have more responsibility and authority than a nurse, which is why the training for a physician assistant is not the same as that found in nursing schools.

In general terms, a physician assistant works in all areas of the clinic. They often see patients, maintain medical records and are often authorized to prescribe certain treatments (under an MD's supervision). PA's are now working in a variety of medical fields such as radiology, pediatrics, physical therapy and many more. Each specialized field requires additional education and training and the physician assistant salary that comes with additional educational training is often higher than a base pay for those without that training.

On average, physician assistant salary rates can range from $90,000 to $100,000 per year, depending on the location and any special skills the PA may have to offer. In addition to a high pay rate, PA's are also commonly awarded benefits such as paid vacations, health insurance, and, in some cases, employer paid educational benefits for those attending employer approved higher education classes. Overall, a physician assistant can be one of the highest paid non-medical-doctor professions in the medical field.

To learn more about becoming a physician assistant or to learn more about physician assistant salary topics, visit the site. Detailed information is available and, as mentioned before, the site is free to visit.
Carlos Claude