Medhira Enterprises Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary; Launches Customer Appreciation Offerings, Social Events, and Products to Aid Professionals and Organizations

Queens, NY, March 26, 2012 --( Medhira Enterprises, a management training and consulting firm specializing in project management and operational best practices, announced its 10th business anniversary this week. As part of a year-long celebration, Medhira Enterprises will be introducing new customer appreciation offerings, social events with networking opportunities, and products to aid professionals and organizations to enhance their professional effectiveness.

The Medhira team is excited about the growth of project management as a profession-of-choice, and the continued trend within organizations towards improving their operations. Medhira is eager to assist companies with management training and consulting needs, such as setting up Project Office/PMO and implementing quality standards and training initiatives – while simultaneously providing training programs to help individuals improve results and management skills, which ultimately improve their career growth potential. Among the company’s product offerings, the PMP® Exam Readiness Kit provides insights to PMP® Certification candidates regarding their stamina for the 4-hour exam, and their current level of preparedness.

Over the years, Medhira Enterprises has expanded its robust offering of courses and webinars which cover a wide range of topics related to project management, soft skills, and organizational efficiency. From Project Management Basics to courses on MS Project, as well as agile project management best practices, the company’s array of offerings has more than doubled during the past decade.

Medhira’s team of qualified subject matter experts offer consulting services to clients across industries to lead, plan, assess, and execute training and quality improvement initiatives as well as manage mission critical projects. Anita Dhir, PMP® and Founder/CEO of Medhira, said, “Over the past ten years, I have noticed an increasing importance of, and monetary gain for, companies that implement strong management training and operational improvement programs. I am thrilled that our products and services are used by organizations across industries, and that we can be counted on as company, project and career 'doctors' by our clients worldwide. Our motto, ‘Collaborating for Success’ means that we manage both relationships and results.”

Launched in March of 2002, Medhira Enterprises has consulted with or offered extensive training programs to companies in various sectors, including Education, Media and Publishing, Business to Business, Healthcare, and Financial Services. Deutsche Bank, New York University, Usablenet, Scholastic, Pfizer, Tata Motors, Prudential, and others have counted on Medhira Enterprises as a trusted partner over the years to deliver organizational results.

Medhira Enterprises invites the community to celebrate the motivation for self-actualization at business and personal levels, as well as Medhira’s 10-year anniversary. Members of the community are invited to connect with Medhira on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social pages, and are encouraged to add themselves to the company’s newsletter and Course updates list. Class descriptions, including details on the expanded 2012 Summer Intensive Program, and further information can be found at Anita Dhir can be reached directly at

About Medhira Enterprises
Medhira Enterprises (MEDHIRA - Sanskrit word meaning "Wise" or "Intelligent") initiated in March 2002, collaborates with its global clients, on-site and virtually, to help them achieve growth and improvement objectives. The New York City based firm has a presence in the United States, India, and Mauritius. Medhira delivers consulting and training services in project management and operational best practices using customized solutions that are based on innovative and proven best practices, and are targeted to strategically improve overall business performance. "Project Management Workshop", "PMP Certification Exam Review", "Interpersonal Communication Skills" and "Managing Projects using MS Project" are some of Medhira’s popular courses. Medhira’s product offering includes the popular PMP® Exam Readiness Kit. For more information regarding Medhira's services, please visit

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