Bladder Weakness: How to Manage a Leaking Bladder or Overactive Bladder for Women Over 50

New report from Vibrant Nation details five keys to easing bladder control and incontinence issues for women in midlife.

Louisville, KY, March 25, 2012 --( The medical term for losing bladder control is urinary incontinence. There are 5 types of urinary incontinence that can affect otherwise healthy women over 50: stress, urge, overflow, mixed, and gross total. The types range from an occasional leaking bladder (the “I pee when I laugh syndrome”) and the urgency that you have to urinate all the time to not being able to make it to the bathroom in time.

Unfortunately, women of a certain age may not know what type of bladder weakness issue they’re experiencing because they feel uncomfortable talking about it with their doctors. The good news is that incontinence and bladder treatments for bladder weakness have changed a lot in recent years, and there are many options to help women manage a leaking bladder or overactive bladder.

Vibrant Nation’s a free, downloadable report. 5 keys to manage a leaking bladder or overactive bladder for women over 50 is a reliable source of information about overactive bladder, stress incontinence, and bladder weakness. It provides accurate, helpful advice for women with bladder control issues.

The primary causes for stress incontinence in women over 50 are childbirth and the loss of estrogen in menopause. Pregnancy and childbirth can stretch and weaken the pelvic floor muscles that support the urethra and bladder; bladder weakness and a leaking bladder related to childbirth can arise years after you actually give birth. Estrogen keeps the tissues that surround the bladder and urethra plump and healthy. With the loss of estrogen after menopause, those tissues weaken and it becomes more difficult for the urethral sphincter to control your flow of urine. Weak pelvic floor muscles and a weakened urethra can cause occasional bladder weakness and a leaking bladder.

Fortunately, there are several treatment choices for relieving a leaking bladder including changing daily habits, taking medicine, using a medical device, or even surgery. Download a complimentary copy of Vibrant Nation’s 5 keys to manage a leaking bladder or overactive bladder for women over 50 at for the facts about overactive bladder, stress incontinence, or bladder weakness from a trusted source.


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Ceci Conway