Power Publisher’s New Release - The Funny Face of Indian Banking by Rammohan Rao, A Changed Scenario in the Banking System of India

Rammohan Rao took voluntary retirement from Syndicate Bank in the year 2001 after serving as officer in various capacities since 1974. After retirement he utilized his long experience as a free lance consultant in Banking, micro-finance and socio-economic studies for various organizations in Hyderabad. His present book, The Funny Face of Indian Banking, clearly delineates the sea-changes in the field of banking in India.

Kolkata, India, March 26, 2012 --(PR.com)-- The scenario of Indian Banking faced a sea-change after the nationalization of the Banks in the year 1969. In the post-nationalization period, the bankers had to change their outlook and philosophy radically to cope with the new emerging concept of "mass banking." This new move witnessed mass expansion of branches in the interior parts of almost uncivilized rural areas. The hitherto inaccessible and unbanked parts of India were immensely benefited because of this expansion.

In the second phase, globalisation and privatization of financial markets brought in new competitors in the banking industry. The struggle of the banks to exist and grow in the field of competition compelled them to search for new products and services to satisfy the ever-demanding customers. This healthy competition gave birth to various customer-friendly measures; like ATM service, online banking, mobile banking, door-step banking to name only a few.

The fast pace of change was intimidating and there have been errors, slippage and blame-games at various levels of banking, which are captured with minute care in Rao’s book “The Funny Face of Indian Banking.” Rao is a straight forward person who calls a spade a spade due to which the spades always got angry. His staunch criticism is coupled with latent humor. The witty humorous bent of the author understates his rational suggestion to find out the flaws of the systems and in individuals. This seminal work also documents the history of Indian banking in its own inimitable way. The graphic description of the cartoons is a great asset to this book, which genuinely adds a fresh flavor to it.

About the Book :
The Funny Face of Indian Banking
Author: Rammohan Rao
ISBN: 978-93-81205-98-3
Website: ramamohanrao.com
Publishing Date: 2012
Publisher: Power Publishers
Language: English
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