New Video Questions Litvinenko Deathbed Statement Authenticity

Omnicom Press announces the video release of Alexander Litvinenko: The Deathbed Statement -- Who really wrote it?

New Britain, CT, March 28, 2012 --( Alexander Litvinenko: The Deathbed Statement -- Who really wrote it? is a video that calls into question the accuracy of media reports about the reputed spy's final remarks. The video is the third in a series of supplements to The Phony Litvinenko Murder, a recent book by William Dunkerley. The book critically analyzes the media coverage of Litvinenko's purported poisoning by radioactive polonium in 2006.

This new video shows how media reports inexplicably switched stories on who authored the so-called deathbed statement. Samples are provided to show how media accounts also revised the text of the statement without explanation.

Originally, media reports claimed the statement was actually dictated by Litvinenko in his own words. An audio clip of Litvinenko speaking just weeks before he was poisoned seems to belie that claim. The new video presents evidence of a disparity in English language proficiency between Litvinenko's actual speech and the text of the purported deathbed statement.

Some media reported that Litvinenko merely gave his approval to a statement someone else had prepared for him. Other reports, however, call into question whether his physical and mental condition at the time would have permitted even that.

The Deathbed Statement -- Who really wrote it? can be seen at

Alexander Litvinenko: The Deathbed Statement -- Who really wrote it? is narrated by author William Dunkerley. He is a media business analyst and consultant based in New Britain, CT. Dunkerley works extensively in Russia and other post-communist countries, and has advised governments on matters of press freedom and media sector development. He has written and spoken widely about media issues related to Russia. In 2007, Dunkerley was commissioned by the organizers of the World Congress of the International Federation of Journalists to study the media coverage of the Litvinenko poisoning. The Congress was held in Moscow, where he presented his report.
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Hanna D. York