Chicago Home Staging Company, Showhomes of Naperville, Helps Chicago Realtors and Homeowners Sell Short Sale Listings

Chicago realtors and home owners have had great success selling short sale listings through the use of Chicago home staging company, Showhomes of Naperville, who provides a live-in home manager for vacant homes.

Naperville, IL, March 28, 2012 --( As the housing market struggles to recover, Chicago realtors and homeowners have the challenge of attempting to sell record high numbers of vacant homes. Many of these homes remain vacant due to “short sale” listings, in which a buyer negotiates with the lender to purchase a property for less than the amount that is owed. However, a home staging company, Showhomes of Naperville, is providing a welcome solution. The company places a live-in home stager in vacant homes, helping these short sale listings to sell quickly, and at a higher price.

When left vacant, short sale homes often end up costing homeowners money, and become increasingly difficult to sell. A vacant home can create insurance problems, invite vandalism and devalue neighboring homes. However, Showhomes’ live-in home stagers, called “Home Managers,” eliminate these problems by occupying the home and keeping it in show condition until it sells.

“The solution for selling a short sale listing is not in repeatedly discounting home prices,” said Steven Thomas, Owner, Showhomes of Naperville. “Realtors have seen time and again that simply lowering the price of a short sale listing simply does not help it sell. The better option is in making the homes more appealing to potential buyers, so that they can really envision themselves living there. This is very difficult to do with a vacant, uninviting space. The live-in Home Manager aspect solves this problem by creating a welcoming, warm environment that is always ready to show.”

In addition to helping homes sell at a higher listing price, homeowners also experience many other financial benefits from using Showhomes. For example, insurance premiums drop if the listed home is occupied, and there are no monthly carrying costs, utilities, or lawn care. Also, the home is constantly under watch, so it is protected against burglary and unforeseen damages, such as broken pipes or gas leaks.

Realtors who use Showhomes are not required to pay monthly staging fees, making it an inexpensive staging option for real estate professionals struggling with short sale or vacant listings. In addition, Showhomes picks up utility bills, handles minor maintenance and takes care of the cleaning.

Recent sales of vacant homes in the Naperville area have proven that the Showhomes’ method provides some very impressive and immediate results.

Thomas added, “We recently had a house sell within 45 days after we staged it. It was on the market for almost a year, vacant, before we entered the picture. Staging definitely helps add the emotional aspect of the purchase. This is still the most important part of the buying decision…not the price.”

About Showhomes Naperville:

Showhomes of Naperville furnishes, stages and decorates vacant homes to sell faster and for higher prices, throughout Naperville and the Western Suburbs of Chicago. Since 1986, Showhomes of Naperville is part of a nationally franchised network that has helped Realtors and Home Owners sell over 25,000 homes worth over $8 billion. The company’s approach to staging a home is a proven professional process.

Showhomes also provides the option to place a live-in Home Manager to maintain an inviting, clutter-free Showhome, tastefully decorated and impeccably maintained in show-to-sell condition seven days a week.

Realtors agree that professional home staging will help to sell homes faster, while commanding the highest possible price. Showhomes Naperville provides home staging services to Chicago realtors and homeowners, serving areas including Naperville, Downers Grove, Lisle, Aurora, Plainfield, Hinsdale, Oakbrook Terrace, Bolingbrook, Elmhurst, and Chicago.

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