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NovaTeinBio Announces Discount on New Human PEG 20000 ELISA Kit

Boston, MA, March 28, 2012 --( Boston-based biological reagents provider NovaTeinBio has recently announced that they’re offering a 10% discount on their new Human PEG 20000 ELISA kit. This discount is designed to help medical researchers across the company to consolidate the cost of their testing in order to refocus their resources into other areas of their work.

The company’s Human PEG 20000 ELISA kit is designed for companies looking into the various applications of polyethylene glycol or PEG. PEG has been shown to be of superior value among both the various synthetic and natural polymers due its inherent advantageous properties. These properties include the absence of toxicity and immunogenicity and a high solubility in water and other organic solvents. PEG’s high value properties make it the ideal polymer in biology as a precipitating agent and as an inducing agent for the promotion of cell fusion.

Although PEG has been studied and its effects widely reported by both industry professionals and academics around the globe, researchers are still discovering its effects on predetermined biological molecules.This means that PEG is a key research tool for those looking to enhance their testing results with one of the latest and most advanced biomedical research products on the market today.

Now, through this new discount offer from NovaTeinBio, biomedical researchers will be able to achieve a superior understanding of the strengths of the PEG polymer while consolidating their overall testing costs significantly.

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