Swagga World Films Launch

This is an update from S.W.A.G.G.A. World.

Providence, RI, March 28, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Jermain Adams, Owner/ C.E.O of S.W.A.G.G.A. World is currently seeking talented individuals for the indie label, & freelance writers for the online magazine. S.W.A.G.G.A. World is a social network platform developed in Providence, RI. It is also an indie label which specializes in Hip-hop, but also features a little of Rock, R&B, Reggae etc. "Being the only artist on the indie label, is challenging," says Adams. His stage name is King Supreme With All Goals Getting Accomplished. He is currently working on his third digital release set to release April 20th. When asked, "What to him was the difference between his indie label & all the others,” Adams replied "The label stands out to me because not many indie labels are willing to deal with more than one form of music." Along with the standard features, the social network has recently launched a platform which allows its users the opportunity to submit original works to be approved for the S.W.A.G.G.A. World online magazine. S.W.A.G.G.A. World is short for Supreme With All Goals Getting Accomplish-ed's World. S.W.A.G.G.A. World is located @ www.swaggaworld.com acquirers can also directly contact S.W.A.G.G.A. World @ swaggaworld2@yahoo.com. This Just in S.W.A.G.G.A. World has started a filming company. S.W.A.G.G.A. World Films made its debut 03/18/12 with a pilot show called “Indie (401) Arts,” which aired on public access. If you are in the New England region and involved in any form of the arts, they are looking for you contact them @ swaggaworld2@yahoo.com.
S.W.A.G.G.A. World
Jermain Adams