Sino-Sud Resources Releases Preliminary Results on Latest Geological Survey

A series of tertiary geological surveys was commissioned by Sino-Sud Resources for the area now referred to as "branch tunnel 187," after preliminary surveys revealed an unusually high concentration of trace indicator material.

Guangzhou, China, March 29, 2012 --( The results of the subsequent surveys based on numerous core samples are still being analyzed, but preliminary results show a confirmation of originator minerals well over 373% over the neighboring region sample average. A full report will be made available to subscribed stakeholders once competed.

Core sampling is a process using 3.5” diameter diamond tipped coring drills up to hundreds of feet long. By examining the resulting samples closely, geologists can predict the likelihood of economic feasibility of gold mining in the immediate area. The two typical report outcomes are either an indication of proven and probable reserves or an estimate of indicated reserves.

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