Business Trainer and Personal Growth Guru, Marc Accetta, Featured in National Home Based Business Magazine

Your Business at Home magazine does an exclusive feature on full time business and corporate trainer, Marc Accetta, and one of the fastest-growing network marketing companies in North America, WorldVentures Inc.

Dallas, TX, May 26, 2007 --( Whether it's fashion, sports, cooking or the guilty pleasure of reading a tabloid, we all love magazines, because they are informative, entertaining, fun and easy to read. There are business magazines too, but never one that focused on direct selling or the network marketing industry. That is until Your Business at Home magazine came along.

Your Business at Home magazine was created to highlight the amazing opportunities that are available in Network Marketing as well as other home based businesses nation wide. Each issue focuses on a single company, exposing readers to its rich history, exciting future and the men and women responsible for its success. The magazine also features insightful commentary by best selling authors, experts and leaders in their field such as Robert Kiyosaki, Jack Canfield and others.

The most recent issue of "Your Business at Home" magazine features WorldVentures Inc. and training director, Marc Accetta.

Industry Renowned Success Coach and Personal Growth Trainer, Marc Accetta, Becomes Director of Training For The WorldVentures Team...

It was April 9, 2006 that WorldVentures, LLC announced that Marc Accetta, professional success coach and personal growth trainer had joined the company as the director of a new leadership training program. The move was part of a company initiative to provide ongoing training and personal development to its representatives.

Mr. Accetta has been a personal development specialist for the last 19 years and has over 26 years of experience in Direct Sales and Network Marketing. Since joining WorldVentures he has developed and overseen an entirely new program that includes personal growth training, leadership development and educating representatives on the basic how-to of operating a home-based business.

Mr. Accetta also spearheads the development of a “Train the Trainers” program to further expand the ranks of qualified company trainers.

Although he is not an active distributor within the WorldVentures organization, Mr. Accetta does bring both: experience in training as well as experience in building a business. Previously, he has been a top-ten income earner with three different network marketing companies.

Intent on making dreams of success a reality for the independent representatives of WorldVentures, Accetta, through his own company, Leading Edge, has developed a series of training events. The three events he produced are designed to improve every area of a participant’s life.

Through the new program, dubbed Leadership Acceleration, Mr. Accetta hosts weekly training conference calls and conducts weekend Leadership Acceleration Workshops.

The second part of Marc's unique training series, Journey, is an intense five day workshop that helps people find their core. "Journey is an opportunity for participants to learn who they really are and who they want to become", Accetta says. "Journey helps people develop a true balance in their lives by addressing six areas: family, financial, physical, spiritual, social and emotional."

According to Marc, "We have had some profound and life changing results." Topics addressed during Journey include how to control your thoughts and emotions, how to be a great listener, eliminating self-destructive beliefs, and discovering the connection between mind, body and spirit. Marc says, "It's all about having a championship life."

Marc also does a very unique type of personal growth and development training called A View from the Edge. This is the third event in Marc's training program. Marc says, "During A View From the Edge, participants spend an entire weekend being trained through a series of about 20 characters that act out short plays to teach the points that need to be addressed. We combine entertainment with education. The concept is known as Edutainment. Much of our success and recognition comes from the results of this annual training."

Accetta calls A View From the Edge," the crown jewel". "All we are doing is creating a series of analogies", Accetta says, "and, because the characters are entertaining, the lessons are memorable. While you're being entertained, you learn things you've never learned before."

Marc says, "Coming to WorldVentures is exciting because it allows me to impact a company in a very powerful and meaningful way. “

WorldVentures, LLC is a privately-owned internet travel company based in Dallas, TX. For more information please visit: WorldVentures business website at or WorldVentures travel website at

So just what does a guy from New Jersey dressed as a farmer have to do with successfully achieving life's goals?

According to those who've participated in Marc Accetta's unique and highly effective training programs for WorldVenture's representatives, plenty.

"I am Marc Accetta's biggest fan," says Mike Azcue, CoFounder of World Ventures. "His whole program challenges you, it tugs at your heart, it makes you laugh, and it gives everyone a real emotional lock-in to the company and the kind of culture we're trying ro build. His training is the best I've been to in 10 years of networking."

As National Director of Training for WorldVentures, Marc has revolutionized network marketing training. His three training events for WorldVentures representatives have helped skyrocket participants to unparalleled financial success, and he doesn't stop there. He believes in fostering success in every area of people's lives... spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially, physically and financially.

"It really is my passion to get people to tap into the gifts God has given them," he says.

A Personal Transformation

The words 'passionate' and 'successful' have not always described Marc Accetta. Long before the confident Accetta we know today, and his energetic, motivational training seminars, there was a shy, sheltered teenager growing up in rural New Jersey.

"I wasn't a good student, and I was intimidated by girls, so I never had any dates in high school," he says. After college, the still-withdrawn Marc Accetta got into network marketing and attended a weekend training seminar. It was during those three days, that something deep within him began to wake up.

"That weekend truly altered the direction of my life," says Marc. "I realized the seminar had taught me invaluable life lessons, things I hadn't learned in college." It was born of this realization that a passion for mentoring others as he had been mentored was ignited.

Accetta quickly climbed the ranks, attaining the company's highest level of achievement. Since that first weekend training seminar, Marc has been in four companies and always reached the highest rank available in less than one year.

Accetta's passion for teaching and helping others has spilled over into the charities he supports with his wife, Kelly. The couple has supported many charitable organizations, and they currently serve as board members for Big Brothers Big Sisters. They have also founded the Unstoppable Foundation, a program in which they've adapted their life-altering training material to children ages 10-15.

Through the Foundation the Accetta’s teach children that they can take control of their lives and rise above whatever circumstances threaten to hold them back.

To learn more about Marc Accetta, visit his website at

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