Pacific Conferences Addresses the Business Value of Marketing Effectiveness in Vietnam

Marketers are finding ways to improve bottomline success in local market.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, March 29, 2012 --( Marketing campaigns have been booming in Vietnam with Facebook campaigns, web advertising, email promotion, on top of the intensive employment of TVCs, print ads, newspapers and more. However, behind all such efforts, marketers still seem uncertain if their outputs have been optimally done or how their marketing activities can be improved further. Businesses need to realise that critical metrics and analyses of their efforts can and will be able to help differentiate accurate marketing effectiveness.

Tracking and monitoring marketing effort is getting more imperative and demanding. Many companies lack a proper measurement system as they hardly see its value. Minimal Marketing ROI training also burdens marketers, leaving them ill-equipped to conduct performance analysis properly. In addition, marketers are now facing more challenges with social media measurement as it is difficult to prove the dollar values of online values.

Looking at the changes in business landscape, Guy R. Powell, President of DemandROMI, shares his view: “Marketing effectiveness measurement is just on the cusp of moving to the mainstream companies. Global competition is forcing all companies to increase their competitiveness and marketing effectiveness measure and analysis is an opportunity with clear ROI and high corporate value.”

Corporate brand, share and profit can be enhanced when marketers know how to optimise processes. Through capitalising on data, analytics, and mechanics, marketers can then see how improvements can be made for greater success for their companies.

Through this “Marketing Measurement in Vietnam” seminar, Guy will be addressing three key issues: how to utilise data to improve short-term and long-term strategic decision marking, how to conduct analytic methods as well as how to apply advertising concepts such as adstocks, diminishing returns, synergy and others.

Key seminar highlights also include tactics to link marketing activities to revenue, profit and metrics, determine performances of traditional media, cost-effective marketing measurement, utilise data collection tools like Google Analytics, build Social Media Measurement framework as well as understand how consumers make choices to improve messaging and ROI.
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