10th Annual Media Relations Conference Delivers Changing Strategies to Capture Media Attention in 2012

Brands and agencies alike come together to share best methodologies in formulating a successful media strategy for the future as well as tips in integrating traditional and digital platforms to obtain optimum result. - June 12, 2012

Social media presence? Check. What’s next?

Pick up effective tips that will help you stand out in the cacophony of brand messages on social channels, and develop creative strategies to help your customer find relevance on social media by reinforcing your brand value or story. - May 26, 2012

Pacific Conferences Addresses How Empowering Youths Can Help to Empower Brands

Join Pacific Conferences to gather best practices of marketing with the new-age youths. Get an update of the latest Asian youth trends and how mobile-marketing has become a key component for effective outreach. Discover how mobile apps and augmented reality are becoming increasingly essential for youth-marketing strategies across multiple platforms. Boost your youth contact points meaningfully and revitalise your brand for stronger connections! - May 17, 2012

Pacific Conferences Addresses How Shopper Marketing Deepens Its Root in Asia

Organisations need to polish perceptions of shopper marketing for business success - April 01, 2012

Pacific Conferences Addresses the Business Value of Marketing Effectiveness in Vietnam

Marketers are finding ways to improve bottomline success in local market. - March 29, 2012

Marketing Measurement in Vietnam Seminar

Join this 2-day practical seminar on Marketing Measurement with hands-on sessions and varied case studies to prove that your marketing programmes are generating revenues. - February 12, 2012

Are PR Practitioners Losing Their Foothold in the Ever Changing Media Landscape?

Today’s digital age presents as much opportunities as challenges for PR practitioners. - October 07, 2011

Pacific Conferences Brings Fraud & Corruption Risk Management Workshop to Singapore and Hong Kong

Deloitte’s Kobus Beukes to address preventing and mitigating risks towards minimising reputational fallout. - September 04, 2011

Today’s Digitalised PR Landscape Needs New Metrics to Gauge Its Effectiveness

Social media is as much a PR opportunity as a challenge in brands’ pursuit for effective brand engagement. - July 19, 2011

Pacific Conferences Infuses "Digital" in Its Media Relations Conference

Digital media serves as the optimum platform to engage audiences in conversations about brand messages. - April 18, 2011

Pacific Conferences to Hold Integrated Marketing Conference in Vietnam

Company hopes conference would be an added boost to marketers in Vietnam - April 13, 2011

First Ever Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Conference in Vietnam to Take Place in July

Organiser, Pacific Conferences recognises importance of investing in CRM for businesses; Conference expected to value-add to businesses - April 08, 2011

Pacific Conferences to Hold "Marketing to Youths Conference" for 7th Year Running

Need to engage increasingly brand-savvy youths, prompts Pacific Conferences to organise conference addressing this pertinent issue - April 06, 2011

Pacific Conferences Holds Event to Address Pertinent Issue of Social Media Playing a Bigger Role in Crises of Today

Today’s digital age presents as much opportunities as challenges for communications practitioners seeking to effectively deal with crisis - April 06, 2011

Pacific Conferences Welcomes 2011 with Social Media Marketing Conference in Singapore and Hong Kong

Social Media Marketing is not a fad. It is a crucial socialisation strategy that marketers need to harness for brand expansion & engagement. - November 15, 2010

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