eUKhost Grows Cloud Hosting Ambitions

The first cluster of eNlight Cloud Sold-Out, eUKhost grows ambitions with options open to Pre-Order the service.

Leeds, United Kingdom, March 29, 2012 --( In one of the recent interviews with eUkhost, a spokesman confirmed that the entire cloud cluster was sold-out in its first phase. With a massive positive response for the product, he confirmed that a new cluster configuration is in the process of setup and would be made available for users shortly.

“Our latest and the highly advanced Auto-Scalable Intelligent Cloud Hosting platform 'eNlight' has been a massive hit, it has out performed our expectations. The response from users have risen our ambitions about the product, hence we've decided to expand the services further. Hence, we'd be setting up a cluster with a high configuration hardware as follows Dell R610, 96 GB RAM, DUAL HEXA X5650, Equalogic storage 6110XV - 24 x 600 GB SAS,” said Mark Ducadi, CMO at eUkhost Ltd.

Based on the description available at the website and after speaking to their Technical officer at eUkhost ltd., the eNlight platform is supposed to be based on Xen and its server architecture is setup to offer 100% uptime, scalability and data security to users. The platform holds the capability of assigning additional CPU's, RAM automatically to the VM from its massive resource pool without the need of any manual intervention. Being based on a Pay-Per-Use model, users are only billed for the portion of resources that website has actually used. When the requirement lowers, the platform automatically deallocates the unused portion of previously allocated RAM and CPU making it free for other VM's, this facility avoids the unnecessary charges for the unused resources.

“We've had a couple of VPS's with eUkhost wherein a fixed monthly fees was charged to us. With an intention to verify the claims about eNlight, we decided to test it for a couple of websites of ours. To our surprise it not only over passed the tests, it also helped us save a significant amount compared to what we would have paid if we continued to host on a VPS,” said one of the customers at eUkhost.

“The response of this advanced segment of service has raised our expectations and we look forward to an even better response from users once the new cluster is up and available to users,” said the CEO at eUkhost. “The most remarkable aspect of eNlight platform is its intelligent auto-scalability with a unique combination of pay-per-use. Users can keep a track of usage and billing for every 5 minutes and manage the usage accordingly, making it a highly transparent and affordable affair,” he further added.

Despite being sold out at the moment, eUkhost has offered scope for users to pre-order the package, accounts for such users would be set-up on priority before the new orders are accepted from others.

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