Men's Abandonment of Manhood Blamed for 50% Divorce Rate in the Country, 75% in California

Dating & Relationships: New “Manual” for Men Supplies First Succinct Roadmap to Understanding What Today’s Modern Woman Needs in Her Man

Los Angeles, CA, March 29, 2012 --( For years American women have been complaining that there are no more “real men.” A survey of hundreds of women over a twenty-plus year period conducted by author/actor Marlon Young reveals that most women have been complaining that it has become increasingly hard to find a man who “embodies the classic masculine ideal coupled with a modern view on relationships.” According to Young, “women are frustrated that men still don’t seem to understand the emotional needs of their female partner and this chasm of disappointment has lead to a complete disconnect between men and women and the largest percentage of failed marriages in recent history.”

In answer to this void, Young has written and narrated the first succinct instruction manual for men to guide them to a successful understanding of the women in their lives. Titled “The Last Dinosaur: An Everyman’s Guide to the New Woman™” he gives an historical perspective as to how we arrived at this current state of relations between men and women and imparts the need for men to revamp their old views of a woman’s role in the world. Young further explains the urgent need for today’s men to acknowledge a woman’s emotionality and goes on to discuss how and why the “new man” is better served embracing it rather than dismissing it as just a woman’s “thing.” All of this in just over one hour. Succinct indeed.

Refreshingly, he speaks to men as if he were having a conversation with a very good friend, giving the best relationship advice…over a beer! The Last Dinosaur is written from a male-oriented point of view so it flows like a “fix it” manual rather than a “relationship” book. The information presented is crisp, direct, and to-the-point. It is something every man can relate to.

"The Last Dinosaur, proved to me that everything I ever thought about women was true but I just couldn’t put it into words. I didn’t know how to say everything I was feeling. And because I couldn’t grasp the articulation of it, I couldn’t fully grasp how to put my thoughts into action. With ‘The Last Dinosaur’, my thoughts have become a reality. I know how to better handle myself with women, and I can articulate it. I’ve met the love of my life now and I’m engaged. It’s that good,” says 47 year old Craig Ross Jr. of Hollywood, CA.

Just released through digital distributor CD Baby®, ( The Last Dinosaur™ audiobook serves as a wake-up call for men on what must be done to make their relationships successful. “The biggest challenge men face when it comes to dating and relationships is that they don’t know what it is they’re doing wrong,” says Jayden Scott, Co-founder and CEO of “The Last Dinosaur offers men light at the end of a dark tunnel.” ( established in 2010 by co-founders Marlon Young and Jayden Scott, is committed to teaching men how to become the very best version of themselves so they can confidently meet, attract and, most importantly, keep the one woman they ultimately want as their life partner.
Jayden Scott