Mechdyne Expanding Its European Footprint

Marshalltown, IA, March 29, 2012 --( A number of developments in the United Kingdom and France this year are helping Mechdyne Corporation expand its European footprint.

Last fall, Mechdyne was awarded a large contract for Renault, in France. The U.S.-based visual information technology company has also partnered with Autodesk and Unity Technologies to develop two new software products: getReal3D software for Showcase and Unity. Mechdyne will demonstrate both applications at the Laval Virtual International Conference, March 28-30th, in Laval, France.

To maintain large systems such as the one under development for Renault, Mechdyne plans to increase its Service and Support staff. In order to continue expanding in Europe, as well as the Middle East, Mechdyne is currently recruiting for additional Sales staff. Senior Sales and Service personnel are already headquartered in the United Kingdom.

This month, at Laval Virtual International Conference and Exhibition on Virtual Reality and Converging Technologies, Mechdyne will share a booth with AMD where they will be demonstrating getReal3D for Showcase and Unity. The demonstration of getReal3D will utilize an ATI FirePro™ V9800 from AMD powering a 3D flat panel display. The demonstration will include head and hand tracking from ART for user interaction with the application.

Mechdyne’s getReal3D supports stereo 3D, multiple video channels, viewer-centric perspective (head tracking), and tracked interaction. These technologies give Autodesk Showcase models or Unity-based simulations the power of a real life experience. As a result, a wide spectrum of mainstream industries can enjoy the benefits of virtual realism for product styling, interactive simulations, and architectural walk-throughs, and training for military, medical and first responders. With getReal3D, users are able to create visually stunning interactive content in a fraction of the time and money currently required.

Julien Berta, of Paris, France, and Vice President of Technology and Innovation for Mechdyne’s Software Division, says, “Laval Virtual is the premiere European virtual technology conference. As one of the most innovative, world-wide companies selling immersive technologies, we look forward to demonstrating the newest development in Mechdyne’s line of getReal3D products. Autodesk and Unity are both leaders in their industries and we are extremely pleased to be working with them to offer the getReal3D plug-in to their software.”

The international conference and exhibition, which is held at Salle Pollyvalente, place de Hercé in Laval, includes both professional and public exhibitions. The exhibition expects to have 40 countries represented, with an estimated 4,300 professional and 9,100 public visitors in attendance.

For more information about getReal3D for Showcase and available staff openings at Mechdyne, visit the website at:

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