Google Docs Migration App Announced

Syncdocs is a new utility that helps organizations migrate their data from the desktop to the cloud.

Sydney, Australia, March 29, 2012 --( In the last year, many corporations have become interested in the productivity enhancing promise of cloud computing. However, many are held back from embracing cloud computing because of concerns over data portability. Migration of legacy data to online platforms is also a major concern.

Syncdocs, a new data migration and synchronization tool, makes moving data to and from Google’s cloud easy. Syncdocs keeps the existing file and folder structure intact when migrated to Google Docs. It also mirrors Google Apps domains file permissions when syncing.

Syncdocs supports many sync modes: Google Apps users can upload or download only, or select full bi-directional sync. Google Docs file transfers can be scheduled for once a day backup or continuous sync. Users or administrators also have control over which folders and file-types are synchronized or backed-up.

Porting data between various cloud providers, like Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365 is easy, too. Syncdocs may also be used to backup Google Apps data for offline access or regulatory data retention requirements.

The full version of Syncdocs is free. Users are only charged when syncing a large number of files. For more information and a free download, visit
Donald Recsei