Samson Hair Restoration Announces Development of a Hair Transplant Video Library for Hair Transplant Procedures

Los Angeles, CA, March 30, 2012 --( Samson Hair Restoration/Samson Hair Transplant announced today the development of a library of hair transplant videos explaining various aspects of hair loss and hair transplants. The purpose of the hair transplant videos is to help better inform people about the hair transplant procedures. The hair transplant videos will be short, approximately 2 -3 minutes in length, and cover specific topics that are commonly asked about among people considering hair transplants.

“We feel this hair transplant video library better suits the needs of people today who are researching for hairloss solutions, and hair transplants specifically. Many people and, in particular, younger people prefer videos to written materials and they want information that is quickly digestible. With this hair transplant series, people can research specific aspects that are of greatest interest to them by simply playing the videos,” commented William McCullough, President of Samson Hair Restoration/Samson Hair Transplant.

Another impetus behind the videos is to address much of the confusing information that exists about hair loss and hair transplants. Because hair transplants are fundamentally visual, much more information can be conveyed more quickly with a visual medium than with the printed word.

The hair transplant video library will feature a number of different speakers about hair transplants from Samson employees to physicians and some patients as well. The videos will be available for viewing on the Samson website at as well as on YouTube. Samson Hair Restoration also has a gallery of before and after photos of many of their hair transplant patients on the website as well.

“These hair transplant videos are much more than marketing devices; they are educational tools to help prospective patients better understand hair transplant procedures, so they can make a better decision for themselves,” commented Tina Akhkashian, Director of Marketing for Samson Hair Restoration/Samson Hair Transplant.

About Samson Hair Restoration/Samson Hair Transplant
Samson Hair Restoration/Samson Hair Transplant focuses on the treatment of hair loss for men and women, with a particular emphasis on hair transplant procedures. The company is the developer of the Quadrian Hairline Technique, a proprietary process of hairline design and hair transplants that results in demonstrably more natural results than any other in the industry, results so good that professional hair stylists, even upon close inspection, cannot recognize hair transplanted with this technique. Samson Hair Transplant maintains offices throughout Los Angeles in Sherman Oaks, Beverly Hills, Brea, Riverside, Upland, Valencia, Pasadena and San Diego.

For further details you may contact Tina Akhkashian in Los Angeles at 800-309-8860.

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