Video and Free Slides Available for "Sexual Pleasure" Talk by Jane Thomas

"You Tube: video of Jane’s talk at The Royal Society of Medi­cine" in London Sexual Pleasure Meeting on February 17th 2012. Plus Free download of slides with accompanying notes. Available from the web-based female sexuality forum "Ways Women Orgasm."

Windsor, United Kingdom, March 31, 2012 --( The objective of the talk is to highlight some of the sexual issues that are likely to affect many heterosexual couples over the longer term (relationships exceeding 10 years). The aim is to contrast the challenges of relationship sex with the thrill of casual sex and the passion of romantic sex.

The talk aimed to help the attendee:

· Appreciate some of the differences between male and female sexuality especially in relation to levels of sex drive, ease of arousal and the importance of orgasm.
· Learn about the explicit techniques, including clitoral stimulation and sexual fantasies, some women use to orgasm both alone and with a partner.
· Consider the relative importance to men and women of a quality relationship and an active sex life, including sharing sexual fantasies and exploring sex play.

The discussion covered some of the emotional and political issues involved in obtaining acceptance of women’s real life experiences of orgasm. By the end of the talk it is hoped that the attendee will have some appreciation of why the findings of the key researchers Alfred Kinsey and Shere Hite, which conflicted with popular beliefs about women’s sexuality, have never been accepted.
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