Los Angeles Apartment Management: New Range of Investment Services at TDIPropertiesInc.com

Los Angeles property management firm TDI Properties Inc. is highlighting its building investment services for private and institutional investors.

Los Angeles, CA, March 31, 2012 --(PR.com)-- TDI Properties, a Los Angeles apartment management company that assists building owners and lessees with property care and helps place renters in high-quality living situations, is currently highlighting its holistic property investment services. Available via its website, http://www.TDIPropertiesInc.com, the property management LA firm cites its investment objectives as establishing syndicates with small groups of investment partners; acquiring multi-family buildings, retail shopping centers, or single family homes; and maintaining a firm control on operations, costs, and cash flow by means of reserves, management, and diligent inspections.

“TDI Properties’ investment program is all about working with our growing community of real estate professionals, property owners, and prospective partners and investors currently operating on the property management Los Angeles scene. Our personal service and ever-professional business dealings are assets when it comes to transforming mismanaged and undervalued properties into something of a gold mine. Our objective is always to strive towards positive cash flow, and we wouldn’t be able to do it without the tremendous investors and community members we work with daily here in Los Angeles,” said Tzvi Ferszt, CEO of the Los Angeles apartment management firm.

Through the company’s proven track record of extensive management expertise and success in flipping decrepit properties into newly marketable real estate, TDI Properties’ holistic investment services are a tremendous boon to both private and institutional investors. The property management LA company’s investment portfolio places value on oversight and long-term planning; services include anticipating cash flow streams for each particular property, examining the maturation rates of loans, discussing structural improvements and other capital needs, as well as weighing whether a property owner has adequate reserves. If an investor wishes to explore these channels but is already contracted with another Los Angeles property management company, TDI Properties can still assist with a basic consultation that covers minimizing costs and maximizing revenues.

The suite of services offered within TDI’s overall Property Investment program provides an all-encompassing solution for investors who wish to research and eventually place capital in a piece of property. Using local knowledge and a network of brokers, TDI determines property value and possible exit strategies, while managing the property cash flow against pro-forma projections. The Los Angeles apartment management company also communicates with investors regarding the asset and activities of the General Partner or Owner; recruits accountants, lawyers, contractors, and other professionals; manages tenant relations, annual budgeting, and capital planning; and deals with local statutory regulations and obligations.

The LA property management company even covers services including Public Relations and Crisis Management. With a focus on the area community and how each property fits in with residents, the firm is then especially equipped to handle crisis PR moments with its contingency plan, whether a particular issue involves the conditions of tenant relations, the property, or neighborhood.

To connect with TDI Properties, visit the firm online at http://www.TDIPropertiesInc.com, or call 877-389-9277. The Los Angeles property management company also maintains a social presence at http://www.facebook.com/TDIPropertiesInc, http://twitter.com/TDIProperties, and its blog at http://www.PropertyManagementInfo.com.
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