Service is Launched to Provide New, Online Retail Space Advertisement Destination

New “Company Of The Minute” portal matches great retail vendors with top online consumers one minute at a time.

Columbus, OH, May 28, 2007 --( What makes an advertisement, online or otherwise, catch your attention? How do you reach millions of people without spending a bundle? Is there another creative advertising angle that hasn’t been tried yet?

Marketing best practices tell us that a good advertisement leverages several characteristics including: a special angle to attract a potential customer’s eye, has a sense of urgency, conveys its message simply, and must be distinctive to leave a lasting impression. may have cracked the code.

“Company Of The Minute” is a new service from a start-up company owned and operated by a creative and energetic student from The Ohio State University – Kathryn Chaabouni. is an online retail advertisement space destination designed to match great vendors with top consumers. The idea is simple: is selling the 1,440 daily minutes for advertisement and e-commerce purposes. The first minute of the day is 00:00. The last one is 23:59. Every minute, the featured company changes based on who owns that minute. Companies are welcome to buy as many minutes as they wish as long as there are some available. When a company buys a minute, they purchase the right to use that minute to advertise and sell an exclusive special deal to visiting customers for an entire year. The available advertisement space is 700x500 pixels for each minute. Each advertisement has a click-through link to the advertiser’s website to fulfill the purchase of the exclusive special offer that can only be found at

When asked about how she came up with the concept, Chaabouni indicated that being an undergraduate student at The Ohio State University pursuing a degree in psychology is incredibly rewarding and has to be one of the best things she’s ever done. Obviously, college is an expensive proposition and as a student about to graduate and continue to graduate school, she found herself in need of financing. “When resources are low, creativity takes over,” Chaabouni added. “Everyone values time. That's when I had a ‘Eureka’ moment: If I could get paid for every minute of the day that I work on school responsibilities, I would be able to afford all of the expenses associated with being a full-time student”. I think of school as a full-time job but there is the issue of ‘how I can get compensated for my job?’ If everyone paid a small amount of pocket change, with enough people, school would be paid for.” Chaabouni said. And that was the genesis of the idea of selling minutes of the day for advertisement purposes.

Company Of The Minute is located in Columbus, Ohio. To learn more about the company, go to the company website: You may email comments or questions to

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