After 3 Years of Collaboration on PEI, Island Abbey Foods Ltd. Will Now Showcase Their 100% Pure Honey Drops and Honey Lozenges in Co-Op Atlantic and Valufoods Stores

Charlottetown, Canada, April 04, 2012 --( Island Abbey Foods Ltd., a PEI based natural health product and specialty food producer, has announced a collaboration deal with Co-Op Atlantic and Valufoods. This deal will showcase the Honibe® HoneyDrop® and the Honibe® HoneyLozenges™ produced by Island Abbey Foods Ltd., in Co-Op Atlantic and Valufoods stores in Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and in Newfoundland, starting in April 2012.

The Honibe® HoneyDrop™ is an individual serving (one teaspoon/5g) of 100% pure dried honey without any additives. It is ideal for sweetening tea or coffee and is noted as a better tasting sugar cube. The Honibe® HoneyDrop™ is available in 12 count packages and in both honey and honey with lemon varieties.

Honibe® HoneyLozenges™ contain 99.99% pure honey, with a small amount of naturally derived menthol and eucalyptus and no artificial ingredients. Honibe® HoneyLozenges™ are for the temporary relief of sore throat and nasal congestion. Honibe® HoneyLozenges ™ are only 10 calories per piece (2.5 g) and have no sugar added. They are conveniently sized for easy transport in pockets, cars, briefcases or purses. Honibe® HoneyLozenges™ are available in blister packages of 10 lozenges.

Co-Op and Island Abbey Foods have been working together for many years. Co-Op was one of the first group of stores to carry the Honibe® product line locally on Prince Edward Island. Their company is very committed to local initiatives and supporting Island products and companies. Co-Op has been very supportive of Island Abbey Foods and the continuously evolving Honibe® product line.

“As an Atlantic Canadian company, our new collaboration with both Co-Op Atlantic and Valufoods to carry our Honibe® HoneyDrop® and the Honibe® HoneyLozenges™ is a venture we are excited about,” stated John Rowe, President of Island Abbey Foods Ltd., “We will be launching both versions of our drops and our lozenges in these stores: Our 100% pure honey HoneyDrop®, our 100% pure honey HoneyDrop® with lemon as well as our HoneyLozenges™ with menthol and eucalyptus and HoneyLozenges™ with lemon, menthol and eucalyptus.” “We are very happy to expand our product line in these stores from Prince Edward Island to the other Atlantic Canadian provinces.”

The Honibe® brand has received major national and international recognition since our launch with the HoneyDrop™, named as the Global SIAL (Paris) d’Or Winner 2010 for “The Best New Food Product in the World” and SIAL (Toronto) “Canada Brand Business Award Winner 2011.” Honibe® also was recently featured on one of Canada’s most popular television shows, CBC’s Dragons’ Den, where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to savvy business investors.

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About Island Abbey Foods Ltd.
Island Abbey Foods Ltd. is a natural health product and specialty food producer based in Prince Edward Island, Canada. We are a 6th generation PEI agricultural family business with our feet firmly planted in our Island's bright red soil (ideal for farming with its high iron and nutrient content). Honibe® (honee-bee) brand honey is our line of all natural, specialty honey from PEI. Under our Honibe® brand we offer innovative products like the HoneyDrop™, the world’s first 100% pure, no mess, non-sticky honey, and a better tasting sugar cube. We also have a 100% pure honey candy called HoneyDelights®, granular honey called HoneySprinkles™ and HoneyLozenges™ for sore throat and nasal congestion relief.

Co-Op Atlantic
Co-Op Atlantic is an association of persons who have voluntarily joined together to provide themselves with a business that can supply them with products and services at minimal cost. The control of the business is in the hands of its member-owners who are legally the owners. It is also an organization where democratic control is the practice; an organization controlled by people, rather than dollars; an organization where member-owners have one vote and one vote only, regardless of how much money they have accumulated in share capital. Co-ops are actively involved in a wide range of activities from securing employment to satisfying the economic and social needs of their members and the community as a whole. Today, co-operatives have diversified into almost all fields of business activities including, but not limited to: retail grocery stores, real estate and housing, transportation, industrial and commercial production, banking and credit institutions and day care... and the list is growing every day.

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