To Doom or Not to Doom? Postcard Marketer Gives Sound Advice for Businesses as Postage Rise Takes Effect

PostcardMania CEO, Joy Gendusa, stands firm in the slush of growing concerns regarding postage problems, do-not-mail lists and confusing economics, and urges businesses not to get caught up in the tide but swim against it and promote harder than ever.

Clearwater, FL, May 29, 2007 --( A two cent postage increase and other postal restrictions now in effect, coupled with pending do-not-mail bills in state legislatures, probably has some businesses wondering about their future ability to promote. PostcardMania is not one of them, however, as its owner and CEO Joy Gendusa staunchly refuses to be intimidated by negative forecasts and instead peers over the heads of worriers toward the real issue—getting her clients to continue running through the economic gauntlet with their direct mail postcard campaigns.

Gendusa says her prediction is that the economy will improve as businesses take control of their own fate. She is calling for entrepreneurs to disagree with the pessimistic predictions and master their own income by promoting, and says it’s up to businesses themselves to market to consumers if they want to expand.

According to a United States Postal Service study, postcards were found to have the highest read rates of all direct mail media, compared to other media such as letters, flyers and magazines. Considering consumers are hit with over 3,000 advertising messages on a daily basis, having the highest-read-rate percentage speaks for itself.

The United States Postal Service has new regulations regarding the size and cost of packages—cost that is more technical, based not only on weight, but shape as well.

Moreover, eleven states currently have do-not-mail bills in their state legislatures, including New York, Michigan, New Jersey and Texas. If these bills are passed, a company wanting to send un-requested mail to consumers would need to buy an updated copy of the state’s do-not-mail list and check it against their own mailing lists – adding unwanted workload to businesses that will curtail productivity in response to government red tape.

Gendusa remains firm, however, as she counsels her customers to take the bridge over these troubled bureaucratic waters. “It’s all just plain math. If you want business coming in, you have to put promotions out—a business is a small economy. Businesses promoting will expand—and so will the economy.”

“I don’t plan to stop my marketing” said Jon Minor, PostcardMania client and owner of Minor Moving in Austin, Texas. “Postage rates are like fuel to us, you just build it into your business as a cost. We actually increased our marketing because the return on investment on our direct mail postcards is good – in fact, it just went up.”

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