US Navy Awards CTRL Contract to Expand Ultrasound to Fleet

CTRL Systems, Inc. has been awarded a contract to test expanded usage of ultrasound with the UL101 on-board ship. Implementation first began in 2003 in a collaborative effort between CTRL and NAVSEA when more than 100 PM activities were identified for ultrasound technology. Ultrasound allows for problems to be identified and located very early, it is quick to use, and it is non-intrusive.

Westminster, MD, April 06, 2012 --( CTRL has been awarded a contract to test expanded usage of the UL101 on-board ship. The testing will be a collaborative effort between CTRL, Newport News, and NAVSEA and focuses on early detection utilizing ultrasound. The scope of work includes assessment and comparison of current methods to ultrasound, development of detailed procedures, and integration. The CTRL project was chosen from a pool of proposals by a panel for its benefits to current U.S. Naval Operations.

Current testing methods require extensive training and are considered both intrusive and reactive in nature. Ultrasound will be tested to improve safety and current diagnostic capabilities by the technician during deployment with minimal training. Ultrasound identifies problems in very early stages, requires less time, is non-intrusive, and provides the technician on-board ship with immediate information to be more proactive.

Implementation of the CTRL UL101 ultrasound detector began with the first on-board testing in 2003. A collaborative effort between CTRL and NAVSEA identified more than 100 PMS activities where ultrasound could be used to complement and improve maintenance tasks with significant returns on investment for fleet-wide implementation to all ship departments. The report demonstrated extremely favorable results on a broad spectrum of applications. Since 2003, a number of applications have been further tested and verified by the U.S. Navy. Written procedures and authorizations for those tasks are completed to the benefits of both surface and sub-surface fleet. The current awarded contract is a further indication of the U.S. Navy’s acceptance of the technology.

“We are pleased to be awarded this new contract to test and expand the use of ultrasound for the benefit of the U.S. Navy,” said Bob Roche, president of CTRL Systems, Inc. “Our continuing work with all branches of the services demonstrates both acceptance and commitment of support to our military and
its mission readiness.”

CTRL Systems, Inc., headquartered in Westminster, Maryland, specializes in designing ultrasound technology and implementation programs for energy savings and condition-based monitoring applications. The company’s programs are supported by comprehensive training, analysis software, data capture, power monitoring, and ultrasound detectors. CTRL Systems builds upon its technology to successfully integrate ultrasound to meet the specific needs of its customers. For more information about CTRL Systems, Inc. please visit us at or call 877-287-5797.
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