Nyce Matters

Oak Manor Senior Living Community Residents, the Nyces, Celebrate 73rd Wedding Anniversary

Largo, FL, April 13, 2012 --( Today, it is rare for a courting couple to discuss marriage on the first date. In fact, this very topic sends some prospects running for the hills. However, that is exactly what Harry and Dotty Nyce chatted about in the backseat of a friend’s car during their first few hours together. They were married 2 years later and recently celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary. When asked for comment on this momentous achievement, Harry simply states, “I love Dotty even more than when I first met her.” In response, Dotty looks at Harry and smiles, her mutual love for him apparent. They are the couple that many of us wish to one day be.

Harry was born in Caldwell, Kansas. At the ripe age of 19, his father asked him to go to Washington to visit with his uncle. He was there about three months before he left for York, Pennsylvania to become an apprentice salesman at American Chain & Cable. Two weeks later, he met Dotty, the love of his life. At that time, Dotty worked for the office of Harry’s same company. Both she and Harry took extension courses at Penn State. As far as further education goes, Harry looks at Dott y and laughs, “I learned a lot from her.”

Harry began as an official salesman at American Chain & Cable in 1945, serving for forty four and a half years. He was made the North East District Sales Manager and transferred to Florida in 1975. Dotty worked as a secretary for the Division of Employment for the State of New York then transferred to the Board of Education for New York and New Hampshire. Harry and Dotty had one son, John, who lives in Ft. Lauderdale with his wife, Deborah. John and Deborah have two children. Their son, a Sheriff in Broward County, is married with 2 children. Their daughter is a Medical Assistant in Nashville, Tennessee. She is also married and has a little boy.

Harry and Dotty now live at Oak Manor Senior Living Community in Largo, Florida. “We have a blessed life,” says Dotty, “This is our 13th move and we have left each place we’ve lived with good friends still there.” As one of the newest additions to Oak Manor, the Nyces are sure to add many a friend to their collection. Everywhere they go, their contagious smiles, charming dispositions, and great attitudes toward life, remind friends, acquaintances and strangers of a phrase that holds true no matter what city you’re from: Nyce matters.
Oak Manor Senior Living Community
Tina Solava