Anderson Thermal Devices Adds to Its Infrared Lamps’ Line

Omega shaped, ‘U’, ‘C’, Coiled, ATD Mini and Custom Lamps

Hawthorne, NJ, April 13, 2012 --( Anderson Thermal Devices introduces a new line of shaped lamps to its extensive quartz infrared heater product line. They’ve added shortwave omega shaped infrared halogen lamps, “C”, “U”, ATD mini and coiled heating products.

The omega shaped lamp lends itself to specific laboratory, medical, university research and scientific applications. The omega shaped lamps are typically used for heating vessels such as medical vials, scientific beakers and test tubes. Applications include sterilization, baking, heating, boiling, joining of plastic parts, forming/bending of rods and the drawing of plastic fibers.

Omega shaped lamps are designed for use in a horizontal orientation. Typical sizes vary from 51mm-305mm (2”- 12”) outer diameters. Maximum temperature is 2400°C (4350°F). Lamp life expectancy is approximately 5000 hours.

The “C” lamp is similar to standard T3 shortwave lamps except the seals on the “C” Style lamps are outside of the heated area. This design feature results in easy to cool end seals for longer lamp life. Gold and ceramic reflective coatings are available as an option to make them unidirectional.

“U” lamps are available in both medium and shortwave. Like the “C” lamp, the “U” lamps’ design allows for the sealed end on the shortwave to be outside the heated zone which extends lamp life expectancy. The long legs of the “U” make it an exceptional choice for use in a heated vacuum chamber where the ceramic end caps and the metal wires and connections must be outside the chamber.

Shaped lamps have similar design features as standard tubular lamps: clear quartz, ceramic and gold reflective coatings on 180˚ of the lamps’ circumference are available. Reflective coatings focus the lamps’ infrared energy in the direction where it is needed.

Since 1995, Anderson Thermal Devices has been a one stop shop for Excellence In Infrared Components™. They specialize in shortwave and medium wave infrared solutions for the process heating industry. The company serves university research facilities, pharmaceutical and scientific laboratories, manufacturers and the OEM markets worldwide. They now also offer customers custom designed lamps configured into any shape.

Anderson Thermal Devices offers hands on engineering expertise in combination with efficient customer service, great pricing and quick delivery. They provide direct replacement lamps for all major manufacturers. Visit them at or 973-423-2709 or
Anderson Thermal Devices Inc.
Clara O Boyle