Hyperbaric Options Now Offering Five Different Portable Hyperbaric Chambers for In-Home Rental

Detroit, MI, April 13, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Foremost specialist in the field of hyperbaric therapy, Hyperbaric Options LLC have recently announced that they are now offering the OxyHealth™ Vitaeris 320™ and the Performance Hyperbarics Flexilite hyperbaric chambers as in-home rental options. These two new models are in addition to the company’s three existing rental unit models; the Shallow Dive, the Dive, and the Grand Dive from Summit to Sea. Hyperbaric chamber rental is a cost effective method for facilitating hyperbaric treatment for those in which mild hyperbaric therapy is being recommended as a treatment by their physician.

One of the great advantages to choosing Hyperbaric Options as the provider of hyperbaric therapy rental solutions is that the company is now offering to apply 50% of the client’s first month’s rental fee toward the purchase price of a new chamber. This means that clients can both reduce the cost of achieving hyperbaric therapy as a short term solution; meanwhile putting a down payment on the purchase of a new chamber if long term care is determined beneficial.

Hyperbaric Options leads the industry in their offsite support via availability through Facetime and Skype applications. These streaming services ensure that communication regarding the setup process may be accompanied with visual support if necessary. Prior to shipment and delivery, a technical specialist from Hyperbaric Options inspects each unit before it’s sent to the customer to ensure that it is in full working capacity. Oxygen concentrators are testing against factory specifications by verifying their follow rate and o2 purity level production with an oxygen analyzer. Further, the preparation process also includes insuring that the chamber reaches full operational pressure and that all seams and ports demonstrate no leakage while at full operational pressure. in addition, every unit is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized along with the replacement of necessary tubing and connection hoses.

By getting in touch Hyperbaric Options today, clients can ensure that they have quick access to the ideal hyperbaric chamber to meet their unique in-home therapy requirements. Contact the specialists at Hyperbaric Options today to learn more or visit http://hyperbaricoptions.com to peruse their full online catalogue.
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