GeoCheckpointing Introduces New Feature for Supporters

GeoCheckpointing, a new outdoor game for GPS users, has developed a new feature for its supporters. This feature makes preparing a GeoCheckpointing trip much easier.

Kralupy nad Vltavou, Czech Republic, April 14, 2012 --( GeoCheckpointers can log in the user control panel and use a Google map which displays all GeoCheckpoints. There are separate icons for GeoCheckpoints placed by the user, found GeoCheckpoints and those the user has not found so far. The new feature makes possible to choose which GeoCheckpoints the user wants to display. This way, it is possible to show on the map only found, placed or unfound GeoCheckpoints.

The selection can be done easily by one click -- there are three checkboxes, one for every group of GeoCheckpoints. Using the checkboxes can the members set up which GeoCheckpoints they want to display.

What is GeoCheckpointing?

GeoCheckpointing is a worldwide outdoor game where participants use a GPS device or a map to find control points called GeoCheckpoints. The goal of every GeoCheckpoint is to lead them to some interesting place. Some GeoCheckpoints are placed in a beautiful nature while others can be found in charming corners of cities. These control points have size of 6 x 8-centimetre and contain the three-letter code. Users find the GeoCheckpoint, note the code and use it to log their visit at GeoCheckpointing website.

GeoCheckpoints are placed all over the world. Most of them can be found in Europe, however, this outdoor game becomes popular in Canada, USA and New Zealand too. Every user can place new GeoCheckpoints for others.

Who are GeoCheckpointing supporters?

GeoCheckpointing is a free service, however, members have the option to become supporters. Supporters may enjoy some advanced features like downloading gpx files which contain gps coordinates of the GeoCheckpoints and other information so they do not need to type the coordinates manually. Supporters can also use some advanced features in GeoCheckpoint Finder, an online navigation designed specially for this outdoor game. Since some supporter features are still developed, the supporter package can be obtained for free for a limited time.
Petr Sejba