GeoCheckpointing Introduces New Feature for Supporters

GeoCheckpointing, a new outdoor game for GPS users, has developed a new feature for its supporters. This feature makes preparing a GeoCheckpointing trip much easier. - April 14, 2012

Tourists Can Discover Lisbon with GeoCheckpointing

There are many ways how to discover Lisbon. People can buy a tourist guide and travel alone around the city. Another option is to pay for a tourist bus or buy some excursion package. But there is also another way. It is free and it will lead them to the places which are not listed in any travel guide -- GeoCheckpointing. - February 20, 2012

GeoCheckpointing Achieved 1,000 Members, an outdoor game for GPS users, achieved 1,000 members a few weeks after the launching of the website. The members have placed over 200 GeoCheckpoints in many countries all over the world. Most GeoCheckpoints can be found in Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Autria, Portugal,... - November 30, 2011 Introduces Free Online Navigation for Smartphones introduces beta version of a new online navigation for GeoCheckpointing users who prefer to use a smartphone instead of a GPS device. This application, called GeoCheckpoint Finder, makes finding the GeoCheckpoints much easier. It requires no installation, users just need to... - November 01, 2011

New Outdoor Game for GPS Users Was Launched

GeoCheckpointing, a new outdoor game for GPS users, was launched in beta version this week. The goal of this game is to find control points called GeoCheckpoints which are placed near interesting places. The first GeoCheckpoints were placed in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and the... - September 09, 2011

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