ThatsNotCamping Unveils New Web Features

ThatsNotCamping is going live with its new enhanced features including new home page with template integration, public member community list, event calendar list, public member community list, enhanced member area, and campground community. The new site is easy to navigate and offers attractive features for RV campground owners and suppliers as well.

Sunbury, OH, April 15, 2012 --(, a website designed for RV enthusiasts, is now live with some enhanced features. The RV camping website tuned it up with easier navigation, new visual design, and more choices. The homepage of the RV website has been updated with new template integration and has functions integrated from the older version of the site. The home page also includes Campground Community entry point; Public member community list; Public Campground community, and Event Calendar listing all the major RV Events across United Stats of America. Users will also find quick links to inner pages from the home page.

One of the most notable features of the new is its Member Area, which has a new look & feel integrated with old functions. Users can now have their Profile/ Dashboard Page, where they can create & share community pages, photo albums, event calendars. Additional features of Member Area include:

● My Places- Members can add places they have visited and share it in a form of a map along with their friends.
● My Messages- Members will have complete access to their inbox, where they can compose and send mails as well as reply, forward or delete messages.
● My Friends- Members can find new friends, send friend requests and respond to the pending request, and import friends from their existing Gmail accounts.
● My Calendar- Members can add their events and share with friends.
● Privacy Settings- Members can customize their privacy settings. They can also customize their Email & Account settings.
● Chat Module is now integrated in the Member Area of
● They will have access to Member Community, where members can build their own community.

The new Campground Community caters to campers, campground owners and suppliers alike. Members can create their own groups and communicate with friends. RV campers can discuss and share their experience with campground owners and other RV enthusiasts. Other features include RV Campground Booking System, My Reservation page, and Rating/Grading System. RV campground owners can upload their campsite images as well as update campsite rates. Check out the new ThatsNotCamping site at and watch for the new enhanced features coming live soon.

About ThatsNotCamping
ThatsNotCamping is a free resource, supporting and offering information to RV enthusiasts. This website provides necessary tools to encourage RV lifestyle, making information easily accessible. ThatsNotCamping offers a complete campground directory including extensive information about each RV Campground location. This site allows RV travelers to focus on the rejuvenating benefits of RV vacation experience.

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