SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals, Inc. Launches New “Made Better” Program

The industry-leader in chirally correct, cruelty free, and phthalate free skin care, SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals, Inc. releases new Made Better program.

Los Angeles, CA, April 15, 2012 --( This past January, SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals, Inc. celebrated 10 years in the skincare industry. In honor of that milestone, SIRCUIT® is excited to announce a brand new addition to the company called the “Made Better” program. This program was conceived and developed to bring skincare professionals and consumers the cleanest, purest, and most effective skincare products possible. Chic + Science at its best, because for us, ingredients matter.

The “Made Better” program will include significant new product updates and new product offerings, all focused on increased effectiveness and optimum skin health. Broadening the scope of the current product assortment while addressing the concerns and comments from customers, SIRCUIT®’s new product offerings don’t just address one single concern but have become “full scale” problem solvers, by addressing each challenge from an assortment of angles with powerful high concentrations of the newest ingredient technologies.

SIRCUIT® searched the globe sourcing exclusive new ingredients and new science, in their ongoing effort to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to innovative product innovation. Reviewing a long list of ingredient technologies and benefits, then carefully editing to make sure there was a laser focus on achieving a new level of treatment solutions specifically focused on anti-aging, problem skin, rosacea, skin sensitivities, and improved cell health.

Ultimately providing a more effective, supercharged product; and in the end, a product simply “Made Better.”

A strong focus on Retinols (4 new products), including a brand new (patent pending) encapsulated Retinaldehyde ingredient called IconicA®, will be featured. Also introducing a multi targeted, effective, botanical alternative to Retinol, with amazingly high tolerance and stability.

SIRCUIT®'s Made Better program takes full advantage of the recent breakthroughs in Stem Cell ingredient technology by offering six different Stem Cell ingredients, each one providing very different results. In addition, SIRCUIT® is also utilizing brand new advanced peptide technologies, and combining them with their already strong Chiral ingredient offerings, changing what consumers have come to expect in terms of SIRCUIT®’s product effectiveness and results.

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About SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals, Inc.:
Since 2002, SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals has pioneered an innovative, clean, pure approach to skincare products utilizing advanced Chiral, molecular separation ingredient technology for skin and hair care products. Always paraben free, sulfate free, artificial color and fragrance free, and especially cruelty free, with no Phthalates. Period.

Well known for their range of Professional (SIRCUIT®PRO) and Home Care (SIRCUIT®SKIN) products available across the United States, as well as countries around the globe.

SIRCUIT® goes way beyond regular topical skin care; this is skin care at the molecular level.

Experts agree that these advanced formulas, supercharged with Chirally Correct ingredient technology certainly "raise the bar" and that this targeted, science-based approach to healthy skin is here to stay.
SIRCUIT Cosmeceuticals, Inc.
Kika Davis