Experiential Agency Blazinstar Launch First Agency School of Experiential Marketing in the UK

Blazinstar Experiential's Managing Director, Marvin Foster says, "It's great to keep staff motivated and up to speed with this fast growing industry and trends, understanding brands and adapting key strategies that deliver tangible results. This is what we would like all members of departments to attain and most of all giving staff members the option. Having industry experts in house teach this methodology is not something most agencies can provide.”

London, United Kingdom, April 18, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Forward thinking experiential marketing agency Blazinstar, mark their expert positioning and add to their educational credentials by launching their very own in-house initiative, the first Experiential Marketing Institute in the UK.

Interactive seminars, lectures and workshops will take place and encourage the internal workforce to attend the sessions by rewarding each individual a certain amount of credits to redeem for monetary value to pay towards an accredited course of their choice. Seminars and workshops will also run, to extend Blazinstar’s long standing focus to train brands on the Integrated Experiential Marketing Methodology.

Thought leaders, and other industry experts will be invited into the Blazinstar Institute to lecture on their subject, and the Blazinstar experts will also run sessions to impart their knowledge and experience in the industry.

Educating the marketing generation of the future on the power of Experiential Marketing, is nothing new to Blazinstar Experiential. Ground breaking initiatives from Blazinstar’s founders have already included a book on Experiential Marketing- the first to be written by a UK author, and the development of the London Metropolitans "Digital meets Experiential" Master’s degree.

Smilansky (Visiting Professor) and Marvin Foster (part time lecturer) are internationally recognised, teaching the topic in various leading universities, as well as being flown around the globe to run seminars and lectures to various marketing agencies and brands who have a desire to learn the Integrated Experiential Marketing Methodology.

Shaz Smilansky comments, "The content era is upon us, and Live Brand Experiences, whether face to face or digital are forming the centre pieces of some of today’s best integrated campaigns and long term strategies.

"Educating agency staff, and brand marketers on these strategies and methodologies is paramount to Blazinstar Experiential, and Experiential Marketing as a whole."
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