North Carolina Consumers Council Announces Auto Recall Alert Service

Raleigh, NC, April 18, 2012 --( If a recall was issued for your vehicle today, would you find out about it? What if the recall involves a critical safety issue that could put your family at risk? Will you find out in time?

The North Carolina Consumers Council (NCCC), a non-profit consumer advocacy organization that has been protecting consumers and representing their interests in North Carolina and beyond since 1968, is proud to announce its revamped Auto Recall Alert Service. Free to all NCCC members, this invaluable service will immediately alert you if your vehicle is added to any recall list.

“This unique, one-of-a-kind service allows members to register up to two vehicles that will be monitored daily for all manufacturer recalls and defect investigations that could lead to recalls down the road, not just the press-worthy ones,” said NCCC President Sandra Bullock. “Whether it’s just a simple clip that needs to be replaced or something far more serious, the owner of the vehicle will be notified of the issue that very same day via email, text message, or US Mail.”

According to Bullock, when people move to a new home they often don’t know to notify their auto manufacturer of the move. When a recall is issued, the manufacturer can’t find them. If you buy a used car, your auto manufacturer probably doesn’t even know that you now own the vehicle and may still be sending recall notifications to the previous owner.

“Most people aren’t thinking about auto recalls on a daily basis,” continued Bullock. “What if a recall is issued and you miss the news? Not only could your vehicle be at risk for serious damage, the lives of both you and your passengers could be in danger as well. NCCC’s Auto Recall Alert Service will eliminate any such issues, alerting all registered users as soon as a recall of any kind is announced, often before the manufacturer notifies them.”

The find out more about becoming a member of NCCC and registering for the free Auto Recall Alert Service today, please visit

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