Carolina Travelers Can Come Home for Care on MedCenter Air Jets with New Partnership

MedCenter Air and Air Ambulance Card® partner for medical evacuation membership offer. Travelers can come home for treatment no matter where they fall sick or injured. MedCenter Air is the preferred provider of medical flights under the program.

Birmingham, AL, April 19, 2012 --( Carolinas Health System’s MedCenter Air is partnering with Birmingham-based Air Ambulance Card, LLC to provide air ambulance transports for members who enroll through MedCenter Air. Under the partnership, members who are sick or injured 150 miles or more from home, domestically or internationally, will be flown home to the hospital of their choice aboard a dedicated medical airplane. MedCenter Air will be the provider of choice for members who join under the partnership.

“We know patients want be treated at their hometown medical center, no matter where they get sick or injured,” said Jason Schwebach, Assistant Vice-President of Carolinas Health System. “When we can send our jet and our staff to pick them up and fly them home for treatment, it’s a win for us, a win for the receiving hospital and a win for the patient.” Members can enroll in the MedCenter Air partnership online at

“Membership in Air Ambulance Card eliminates concerns about the high cost of a medical flight. International flights can cost as much as $150,000. Members can come home to the Carolinas aboard a MedCenter Air jet and never receive a bill for the transport,” said Stan Bradley, managing director of Air Ambulance Card. Most health insurance policies will not transport patients to the hospital of their choice. Air Ambulance Card memberships are available to residents of the U.S. and Canada and cost $195 per year for individuals and $295 per year for families.

MedCenter Air offers comprehensive critical care transport services through a growing fleet of fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters and ground ambulances. All are custom-equipped and staffed with highly trained medical and aviation specialists. MedCenter Air is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems.

Air Ambulance Card provides travelers with prepaid hospital-to-hospital air ambulance service, domestically and abroad. The membership program offers services for a period of one year to families or individuals, and corporate accounts. More information at
Air Ambulance Card, LLC
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