AnaSpec Introduces Pancreatic β-Cells Specific Antibodies - Anti-hFXYD2γa

Fremont, CA, April 19, 2012 --( AnaSpec, EGT Group is pleased to announce the release of three antibodies (two monoclonal and one polyclonal) against FXYD2γa. FXYD2γa is a regulating subunit of the NA+-K+-ATPase and has been identified as a unique and specific pancreatic beta cell surface biomarker. In individuals with Type 1 diabetes or in pancreatic sections of streptozotocin-treated Macacus cynomolgus monkeys, loss of FXYD2γa has been closely correlated with a loss of insulin positive cells.1

Anti-hFXYD2γa antibodies are purified antibodies reacting with an 11 amino acid residue peptide of FXYD2γa. Monoclonal anti-FXYD2γa antibodies from Clone 4F9G9 show high specificity towards FXYD2γa beta-cell biomarker while monoclonal anti-FXYD2γa antibodies from Clone 3C1D10 show high sensitivity towards FXYD2γa beta-cell biomarker. A rabbit polyclonal anti-hFXYD2γa antibody is also available (see Table 1). These antibodies can be used for beta cell specific targeting and non-invasive imaging. The use of targeting strategies against the biomarker (FXYD2γa) allows early identification of beta cell and the follow up of therapies for diabetes patients.

1. Flamez, D. et al. Diabetologia. 2010 Jul.53(7):1372-83.

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