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Peppadew Fresh to Offer U.S. Grown Peppadew® Goldew Fruit

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USDA Grant Assists New Venture

A new U.S. agribusiness begins this year in New Jersey, as Peppadew Fresh LLC will grow Peppadew® Goldew fruit on its farm in Morganville, NJ.

Peppadew® Goldew fruit are part of the unique Peppadew® family of pepper products. Discovered growing wild in South Africa about 15 years ago, Peppadew® fruit are known across the globe for their special flavor – sweet and tangy, with just a touch of heat. The peppers have been grown and processed in South Africa.

This year, Peppadew Fresh LLC will grow the Peppadew® Goldew fruit in New Jersey, and will process them under the “Jersey Grown” program. “This effort to bring a new agribusiness to the U.S. was made possible by a Value Added Working Capital Grant from the USDA,” said Pierre Crawley, President of Peppadew Fresh LLC. “We started growing the fruit on our farm, and will work with other New Jersey farms as demand grows.

Consumers want locally grown products, and growing Peppadew® Goldew fruit in New Jersey will enhance the appeal of our products in the New Jersey New York Metro area.” Peppadew Fresh LLC will use area food plants including the Rutgers Food Innovation Center to process and package the Peppadew® Goldew fruit.

USDA Rural Development New Jersey State Director Howard Henderson and New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture Douglas Fisher attended today’s announcement. They both stressed the importance of developing value added farm products because of the positive economic impact – for the farms involved as well as for the surrounding communities.

The Value Added Producer Grants are an important part of the effort to help farmers shift to value added products and promote these products. “This $259,625 grant will promote small business expansion and entrepreneurship by providing Peppadew Fresh LLC with access to capital, technical assistance, and new markets for the fruit,” Henderson said.

“We are pleased to work with USDA Rural Development and Rutgers in assisting Peppadew Fresh in one of New Jersey’s newest agricultural product launches,” said Fisher.

Peppadew Fresh LLC started in 2008 to promote the Peppadew® line in the U.S. The Peppadew® fruit can be found in most supermarkets, as well as on the menu at many restaurants. Chefs and consumers use them in many creative ways: stuffed with cheese; put in salads and sandwiches; as a pizza topping; and in sauces and dressings.

For more information, visit the Peppadew Fresh LLC website:

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