VVS Virtual Video Systems (Canada) Inc. Announces Immediate Availability of Key Patent Portfolio in Video on Demand Space

Las Vegas, NV, April 21, 2012 --(PR.com)-- VVS Virtual Video Systems (Canada) Inc. (VVS), a pioneer in distributed Video on Demand (VOD) systems recently announced that it was going to divest its patent portfolio in the VOD space and has retained US patent brokerage firm Tangible IP, LLC to coordinate the sale. The main VVS patent entitled Video and Multimedia Distribution System was filed in 2006 when VOD was still as its infancy and describes a Digital media content-on-demand hosting/delivery system for using an n-tier, multi dimension dynamic data technology to distribute digital content and manage information to consumers. It comprises separate delivery and end-user systems with separate but compatible software. The VVS patent portfolio is considered a key building block to the architecture and deployment of current and next generation VOD services.

“I have had the opportunity to study the VVS patents in details recently and I believe they would constitute a strategic intellectual property asset for any company currently active in the VOD space or which is contemplating entering that area,” said Freddy Kalles, a well-known industry consultant. “VVS was truly a trailblazer when it comes to deploying VOD services and, although their commercial model was hampered by the commoditization of digital content, they laid out an architecture for a better quality VOD experience, as reflected in their patent filings, that everyone is now adopting.”

“We believe that our patent portfolio will be of interest to any entity that wants to operate freely in this fast growing segment while maintaining an exclusive differentiation over their competitors and/or by monetizing the IP themselves,” said John Talbot, CEO of VVS. “Rather than embarking on a long and tedious licensing process, we made the decision to offer those assets for sale instead and let the established players in the industry decide how they will best be deployed and shared. For those in this market segment our patent portfolio will undoubtedly add real value to a Company’s core asset.”

According to The NPD Group, a leading market research company, the current video-on-demand (VOD) market for paid movie rentals is ruled by pay-TV services, with revenues that reached $1.3 billion last year. The emerging Internet video-on-demand (iVOD) movie market reached $204 million and is growing quickly. The VVS patents will be sold through private auction by Tangible IP, LLC in the next months.

Any party interested in receiving an executive summary for this portfolio should contact the broker directly at:

Tangible IP, LLC. ATT: Louis Carbonneau, CEO
info@tangibleip.biz +1 (425) 868-9280

About VVS. Founded in 2004 as EXVR Technologies Inc., VVS has been a pioneer in VOD systems and architecture since its inception.

About Tangible IP, LLC. Founded by the former General Manager of IP & Licensing at Microsoft, Louis Carbonneau, Tangible IP specializes in the brokerage of high value portfolios and related IP licensing and consulting services. It has sold over 1500 patent assets since its inception. For more info, visit www.tangibleip.biz.
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