InSync Software Powers Hothead Technologies’ Heat Observation Technology (HOT™) Athlete and Worker Safety Tracking Solution

The HOT™ turn-key solution leverages iApp Platform together with Hothead Technologies’ patent-pending wireless biosensors to track the temperature of football players, high-risk oil services and industrial workers as well as fire fighters.

San Jose, CA, April 30, 2012 --( Hothead Technologies, creators of the Heat Observation Technology (HOT™) solution for tracking temperatures of football players, high-risk oil services and industrial workers and fire fighters, has chosen InSync Software’s iApp Platform to power their solution running on handheld devices, smartphones and server-side CPUs. InSync is delivering the handheld and server application software fully through the cloud, leveraging its iApp Cloud™.

According to the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention, U.S. high school athletes suffer almost 10,000 time-loss heat illnesses every year that are serious enough to keep them out of sports for one or more days. Between 1995 and 2009 alone, 31 high school football players died of heat stroke complications. In the broader population, deaths from heat-related illness in the United States are higher than all other weather and environmental conditions combined, including hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. In response to this alarming and continuing occurrence, Hothead Technologies worked with medical and technology experts to develop a patent-pending biosensor that fits securely and discretely in the helmets of football players, firefighters, military personnel and other workers and athletes in high temperature, high-stress environments. The device which mounts securely and discreetly in virtually any helmet, hard hat or similar protective head-gear contains a long-range wireless biosensor. As players or workers go about their activities (practice, games, fighting fires, battle or training), the biosensor warns the individual user and relays current temperature data wirelessly to an operator’s handheld, tablet or phone (future models also will incorporate a shock sensor to measure concussive events). The handheld or tablet used by the operator in the field runs the iApp-powered application, and provides the operator with alerts when someone has exceeded a temperature threshold, allowing for immediate, pro-active response.

Whether running on a touchscreen tablet or iPhone on the 50 yard-line, or a laptop in the Athletics department or central command offices, Hothead Technologies’ software interface is intuitive and easy to use. Using the server-side application, administrators can set up teams or workgroups, and track and monitor individual worker or player details. Administrators also use the application to allocate and track helmets or personal protective equipment. Hothead Technologies’ patent-pending biosensors are sent pre-programed with unique ID numbers and are easily applied on-site by equipment managers. The software application allows users to enter critical medical history and pre-existing conditions, as well as document occurrences with notes and subsequent actions taken.

"Our goal is to provide our customers with an intuitive, robust and fully scalable software solution," states Peter Linke, CEO of Hothead Technologies, "Because the data collected from our biosensors provides mission-critical and extremely important information about individual health and safety, we needed a platform that has stood the test of time over many years, and iApp clearly met this challenge."

InSync is enabling this managed service by providing Hothead Technologies with hosting and managed support facilities. InSync’s iAppCloud™ (the cloud-based version of the iApp Platform) features a variety of on-line deployment and multi-tenancy tools and capabilities that allow Hothead Technologies to offer its customers a complete packaged solution in a subscription model.

"We are proud to have our iApp Platform selected for this extremely important application," says Ashish Chona, CEO of InSync Software, Inc. "As a technology and football enthusiast and more importantly a parent of active kids I would be hard pressed to identify another project we’ve delivered that has such significant potential for increasing public safety across wide variety of applications.”

About Hothead Technologies, Inc.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Hothead Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of wireless biosensor solutions and is at the forefront of developing wireless solutions to aid in the detection and prevention of heat-related events and illnesses. Its patent-pending and proprietary wireless biosensor system, the “Heat Observation Technology (HOT)™ System,” is designed as an aid in the prevention of heat-related illness in athletes, firefighters and industrial workers. Hothead Technologies’ solutions have been implemented by a number of schools, colleges and organizations, and have won national recognition, including the prestigious Popular Science “Best of What’s New” award. For more information visit the company’s web site at

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