Natural Hair Care Company Promotes Hair Literacy and Confidence, Creating Global Impact

Hair care company, Ishimma, not only provides high-quality natural hair products, but also encourages hair education and seeks to empower young women and girls.

North Wales, PA, April 30, 2012 --( Within a few short months of launching and establishing its hair care line, Ishimma (ih-SHEE-muh), a natural hair care company, has already developed a global impact. The hair care company released a Free Hair Guide publication “How to Grow Beautiful Hair” accessible online through the company’s website. The guide is packed with hair care information, advice, and support for women who want to take better care of their hair. The hair care guide has been accessed and downloaded across six continents by women and men in search of quality, comprehensive information on hair and its care. The guide is full of useful, accurate information that can help anyone at any stage of their hair journey. It also includes a special "Thank You" Offer for all readers. Visit

This free online resource has prompted women worldwide to reach out to Ishimma’s Hair Advising Team to receive personalized advice and support for their specific hair questions and concerns. Not only does the "Hair Advisor" answer hair care email inquiries, but the company also encourages women who have been dealing with low self-esteem or negativity from others about their hair. In addition to maintaining a line of high quality, natural and naturally derived products devoid of harsh irritants, Ishimma strives to encourage and promote hair literacy and empowerment of young women and girls.

“It’s important for women to be confident and embrace their God-given natural beauty by loving the hair and skin they’ve been born in. We want to encourage others to move away from the idea of ‘I have bad hair’ because of having a certain hair type that may be different than others. Saying you’ve been given a head of bad hair just isn’t true,” says Ishimma’s Founder, Crystal Nnenne Azu. Azu also wears her hair "natural" and has done so for the last decade, a growing trend amongst Black women in America that has also become a worldwide phenomenon. Black women are deciding to do away with using relaxers and texturizers that chemically straighten their hair and instead are getting in touch with their natural roots.

The launch of Ishimma is timely as more and more individuals lean away from using hair products that are full of harsh, toxic, or otherwise unnatural ingredients and search for more natural methods of hair care and maintenance. The company line contains a variety of natural hair products that focus on reducing breakage and improving healthy hair growth, including the very popular Hydration Hair Butter. The hair butter is superior in its ability to not only moisturize the hair, but also condition and protect it from damage.
Crystal Nnenne Azu