Business IT Systems Get More Energy Efficient

Sheffield Business Systems introduces eco energy saving calculator. Useful for the business IT systems that runs for long hours.

Sheffield, United Kingdom, April 29, 2012 --( Sheffield Business Systems, popular IT support service provider in Sheffield, introduces a solution to help in lowering the energy prices on the business IT systems ( Numerous business houses need to run computers for long hours, which cause high-energy prices. To combat this issue, the team of Sheffield Business Systems brings eco energy saving calculator. "Those who need their IT systems running for the whole night or need to keep in the sleeping mode, they can save money on energy costs by using this unique calculator," says the head of IT support team of the company.

The experts of the company suggest the business users set up the feature of automatic turn on and off in their computers. This will ensure that the computers will get turned off automatically when not in use and this will also bring a big difference in the energy consumption. Now, by using the eco energy saving calculator, it will be easier to calculate the average monthly or annual savings on the performance of the business IT systems.

Eco systems calculator is easy to use. Sheffield Business Systems have included this feature in their website so that the visitors can easily and instantly check the potential annual saving they can make by following the eco friendly means of using the computers. The users need to provide some input to calculate the average annual saving on the energy bills. These inputs are number of computers, number of server and the number of monitors. After providing these inputs, the users need to press the "calculate" button and the result of potential saving will be displayed immediately.

About Sheffield Business Systems- The company is one of the leading service providers in the field of IT network support ( and general IT support services in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Their business systems and network installation specialists are efficient to handle all aspects of IT systems to meet the needs of small to medium scale business houses. Their eco energy saver program shows their responsibility towards environment and also towards saving the annual costs of the clients. Get more details by visiting

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