International Cover Model Sarah McDowd Launches "Model Mentors" Website is an informative, interactive, and refreshingly direct resource for models at any stage in the game: aspiring, semi-experienced, and professional models alike.

Hollywood, CA, April 29, 2012 --( International cover model and actress Sarah McDowd has just launched a new website, catering to aspiring and professional models alike. The website, appropriately dubbed "ModelMentors", offers free modeling advice, articles, and blogs written by professional models; allowing their insight and experience to speak directly to modeling-industry newbies in a personal and compassionate way.

The website is well-intentioned, with direct and informative articles regarding the modeling industry- advice, how-to's, instructions, explanation of modeling terms, etc. The interesting part of this site, however, are the two other features it packs: A modeling blog, and its "Model Mentors" service.

The modeling blog informs its readers in the same way the site's articles do, but on a much more personal level. It features successful models blogging; giving their informed opinion in an uncensored and unfiltered way. Agree with their stance or not, it is a rare public insight into the thoughts, trials, and tribulations of working models today. This direct and honest approach stands to be far more educational than the prototypical "modeling advice" articles and websites currently found on the internet today.

The other unique feature of this website is their "Model Mentors" section. The explanation for offering this service is that many of the world's most successful people often recommend finding a Mentor- an experienced professional in your desired field of work that can guide you along the way, keep your spirits up, and keep you accountable for your success. Model Mentors taps into this concept by offering their mentoring services to aspiring models, semi-experienced models, and professional models alike. Simply put, the goal is to tutor and coach models directly to a (more) successful modeling career.

This site is still in its infancy, but with a great concept, spot-on information, and successful models running the show, this is one website that models of any level should keep bookmarked.
Sarah McDowd