Mira Telecom Will Implement the "Big Brother" Project in Buzau

Last year, Mira Telecom won the tender for the implementation of the project “Increasing safety and crime prevention in the urban action zone of Buzau city, through the purchase of specific equipment and building a surveillance center.” With a total value of 2.7 million Euros, of which 1.7 Million Euros –non-reimbursable, the project is European financed, through the Sectoral Operational Programme 2007 - 2013 “Supporting urban sustainability – growth poles” and was initiated by the City Council

Bucharest, Romania, August 26, 2012 --(PR.com)-- The project implementation will result in video monitoring of the city, in order to increase citizen safety and crime prevention. On medium and long term, the amplification of public intervention in solving social problems in the area is expected, reducing the feeling of insecurity in areas with increased risk of crime, improving public safety, housing and businesses, reducing vandalism and theft of the public and private sectors, reducing youth crime, improving the city image and increasing the attractiveness of the area.

At the end of last week, a press conference was held which announced the official launch of the project. Representatives of local authorities and those of Mira Telecom company were present.

A total of 163 video cameras will be located, which can be remotely controlled and will cover half of the total area (46 locations in Buzau city) in areas of interest such as schools, markets, main streets, shopping areas and pedestrian areas. Captured images will be transmitted via radio to a monitoring center arranged in the basement of Buzau City Hall and it will be served by employees of the Local Police.

“The system will transmit information via radio networks to the surveillance center, where data will be recorded and analyzed by the operators. There will be installed 99 fixed cameras and 64 Speed Dome cameras that can be controlled from the surveillance center. If there is an event, operators can take control of the cameras,” said Gabriel Ionescu, Mira Telecom’s Deputy CEO.

“This project is very important, having two areas of prevention, social prevention and situational prevention, through installment of cameras in markets, in intersections and public schools,” said Constantin, Boscodeală Mayor of Buzau.

“It will be a very useful tool for both local police and the municipial police,” further added Mayor Boscodeală.

Presently, increasingly more public areas (cities and large metropolitan areas, highways and roads) resort to installing local and / or zonal video surveillance systems, representing optimal solutions in terms of ensuring public safety and monitoring of public spaces by professional services with responsibilities in this regard. Current technology developed for metropolitan video surveillance reached a level of maturity to ensure viable and efficient solutions for this application.

In the same register of participation in implementing projects aimed at improving public safety services, the SafeCity European project is also enlisted, where Mira Telecom was selected to participate with a consortium of 14 prestigious European countries.

Mira Telecom – company with entirely Romanian capital – with an experience of 14 years on the Romanian and international market, started its activity with the distribution of radio communications equipment. The diversification of the types of services provided represented a basic principle in the company’s evolution, Mira Telecom being able to offer today complete security solutions, IT and telecom, together with an operational and efficiently integrated service, that brought real added value to the customers operations.
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