Calgary’s Queen of Hearts - Off with her Hips?

Calagry, Canada, June 06, 2007 --( Paula Stephenson, dubbed Calgary’s Queen of Hearts announced today that she plans to shave 141.13 lbs. of fat mass off her not-so-savvy shape within the next 12 months while savouring chocolate! “Nothing less for a Queen”.

Stephenson, president of Savvy Connections has decided to take her weight-loss and wellness journey public, in order to bring greater awareness to the increasing risks associated with obesity – especially in children.

The Wellness Team Stephenson has picked are renowned for their services and products:

Allan Fine – Executive Edge – Personal Fitness Trainer & Certified Lifecoach
Stephanie Blackbird – Isogenix – Cleanse Coach
Jo-Ann Allen & Christopher Allen – Xocai Chocolate

As an in-school mentor – Stephenson finds there to be a lot of overweight children in the classrooms. She comments “As a kid I was normally the only fat kid in my class – and many times the only fat kid in the whole school. Now I walk into the schools and I am hard pressed to find the fit and healthy kids amongst the obese. I’m really afraid for these kids with their poor nutritional habits which ultimately affects their learning and social skills”.

“The prevalence of obesity is skyrocketing all over the world, but especially in developed countries such as the U.S. and Canada. Data from the Centers for Disease Control show that 31% of adults in Canada are obese and 35% are overweight. That’s quite a significant number of people that are struggling with unhealthy weight.” Real-Age Report April 2007.

Stephenson’s awareness to her plight came after receiving her test results on May 15th “ I was shown to be in a Pre-Diabetic stage with my reading at 6.3 - thus proving that my obesity was already turning into a deadly weapon.”

With the onset of diabetes looming, and a cholesterol count at 6.60 which is High Risk (and a calculated LDL rate at 3.49 – also High Risk) Stephenson realized that with every pound she was gaining she was tempting fate with adding a new disease to the list!”

Taking Stephenson’s Health Journey story public and showing that it is much more than just eating less, or exercising more – that it takes a full team of supporters - Stephenson hopes to inspire others to take this same sojourn and hopes to teach them that before they start their journey to properly create their Wellness Team and set their goals for success.

Paula’s first goal was to stop smoking – after a pack a day for over 39 years – Stephenson recently celebrated her third month of smoke cessation.

“With being a heavy smoker and morbidly obese my whole life – and at age 51 taking the plunge to seek a healthier lifestyle – I feel I could possibly be an inspiration to others”. “It’s never too late” is her mantra.

To learn more about these professionals and to follow along with the progress go to

Join them as they celebrate different goals with an event to raise funds for Brown Bagging It For Calgary Kids. Stephenson comments “the Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids is a fantastic organization; through their "Food for Thought" program volunteers literally make lunches for kids and take them to over 30 schools in Calgary on a daily basis. As an in-school mentor I saw so many children with both concentration and health problems due to the lack of good nutrition. If we want to create a City of Leaders we've got to ensure their health, (both mental and physical), are taken care of as children".

Never confuse planning with performing. Destiny is about planning and performing. It’s about deciding what you want and why you want it.

Stephenson is calling this a CALGARY FITNESS CHALLENGE and is inviting others to go through this wellness journey ensuring the quality of life as they get older. Come join her for this journey. Money will be raised per pound lost for Brown Bagging It.

Watch and support Stephenson’s journey to attain health for a cause and inspiration to others. As she states “It’s never too late!”.

For more info contact:
Paula Stephenson
Calgary Fitness Challenge

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