This 12" Tall Memo Clip is the Latest Addition to is introducing this new memo clip to their expansive collection. With over 12” of height, this sign holder places your information directly where customers can see it.

Bristol, RI, May 04, 2012 --(, a Display Shops specialty website, is introducing this memo clip in black plastic to their collection of store fixtures and display clips. Over 12” of height help ensure that cards and informational memos can be seen by customers and visitors, while a bottom tube clamp allows them to be placed in a variety of areas.

“Providing customers with quick, easily seen information about the product lines you’re carrying is a great way to capture their attention and help encourage them to make purchases,” says Sandra Reno, New Product Marketer at “With their extended neck and flexible ball joints for angling the display, these memo clips are able to put this information directly in the customer’s line of sight.”

At its largest point, the memo clip is 3-1/8” wide and has an overall height (before inserting a sign) of 12-1/4”. The wide top clamp is designed to hold signage of up to 1/4” thick, and ideally is used with thicker card stock. Two (2) signs can also be placed in the clip to create a dual-sided display. The bottom tube clip has a non-stick coating to keep the sign in place. The slender support pole is attached to the two (2) clips with ball joints, which allow the clip to be used in different angles and locations to the best effect. The entire structure is crafted from black plastic, a durable yet inexpensive material.

“The bottom clamp on these memo clips is ideal for attaching to the edges of free-standing displays,” continues Ms. Reno. “Place one of them on the edge of a bin full of clearance items to let customers know how much of a discount they’ll receive, or use them to indicate details about food items in baskets and trays on bakery counters. Since these sign clips can be set up in a matter of seconds, you can create a detailed and informational signage series easily.” has been in the business of selling quality food service goods such as cereal dispensers, pastry bins, table tents, exterior signage, memo clips, beverage dispensers, and more for over thirty years. With thousands of items in stock in a live inventory and a same-day shipping policy, this website has become a popular choice with online consumers.
Elizabeth Iacono
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