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Elkhart, IN, June 06, 2007 --( Oops. A dropped cell phone crashes to the ground. These little guys are usually tough, but this time, the insides are scrambled. Time for a new phone.

Little Shelby is in high school now. She is not so little any more; she is ready to drive. For her own safety, and Mom and Dad’s peace of mind, it’s time for Shelby to have a cell phone of her own.

These are just some of the common scenarios where consumers add cell phones to their existing service. One option the consumer has is to order an “unlocked” cell phone, a cell phone that does not have the “SIM card” from a wireless carrier in it. Users can then add a SIM card from their existing wireless carrier and make the phone part of their monthly calling plan.

“Unlocked Razr Phones are some of the most popular bling we have,” said Jeff Young spokesman for “In fact, we have created a Top 10 list just for them called ‘The Top 10 Most Bling Gifts in Razr Phones.’”

“Razr Phones are the best selling cell phones in the world,” Young said. “They are the best sellers because they are cool looking, slim, and come in many different models with different features, like cameras and mp3 players. And there are many colors available, too.”

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“Ordering an unlocked Razr Phone, rather than purchasing a new phone with a new calling plan, means the consumer will not have to break a contract with their existing monthly service provider, or sign up for a new plan. This can be a real money saver. This is another reason why Motorola Razr Phones should compete well with the upcoming Apple iPhone, and all the other phones on the market. With them, you have to sign a new monthly contract to get their phone. It’s much easier to get a new unlocked Razr Phone from And our site let’s you know what the most popular phones are.” said Young.

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